Was approached by some Fu Jen Uni people. Are they harmless?

Hey everybody,

Yesterday, I was approached by this guy from Fu Jen university. He made it clear by saying it several times “I’m a Christian”.
So he opened with “will you be interested in the message of our lord and savior jesus christ?” I really wanted to say “no”, but out of politeness and curiosity, I ended up saying “yea, sure”.
So he started telling me how his ‘brothers and sisters’ meet up on sundays and idk talk about God probably. I know I must sound like an ignorant, but I’ve been an Atheist for a long time and have not been in touch with any such activities ever since. ( I wasn’t even a Christian to begin with).

So, I just found it so funny in my head that out of all the people he could have approached, he asked a huge disbeliever to his ‘meeting’. I wanted to see how it would play out and was curious about what people my age (early 20s) actually believe in. I’m a psychologist and this itch of curiosity has often put me into weird situations.

I told a couple friends about this and they sounded sceptical and were astonished that I would give this dude my LineID and agree to meet the ‘brethren’ on Sunday (tomorrow, now).

Have any of you been in this situation? Are these people harmless?
(I know I should have asked him all of this but I was in a hurry)
Am I harmless… I mean, was it insensitive of me to agree to meet them just to observe these people?

Anyway, I’m going there tomorrow… hope somebody responds today…

I’m sure they’re harmless in the sense that they’re not going to kidnap you and force you to become their sex slave in unspeakable rituals.

But yeah, it’s hard to know how to deal with these people. I suppose they mean well, but frankly they’re a pain in the ass. And I say that as a ‘believer’. My personal opinion is that if people feel the need to be ‘saved’, they’ll figure it out for themselves, without any high-pressure sales tactics.

Don’t see anything unethical about turning up to study them and take notes, if that’s your thing. I’ve known a couple of people who get involved in these cults - and honestly, they often are cults - and I feel a bit sorry for them. They’re often roped into meaningless chores (“serving the Lord”) and pressured into making donations (“for missionary work”) that disappear who-knows-where.


Haha! That’s a bit comforting. I wasn’t too keen on joining any Eyes Wide Shut parties. XD

But it’s not my ‘thing’. It’s not like I do this every weekend, going on harrassing people. XD
I just think believer or not, we are a bit dismissive of the other side. If this could prove to be a way to see eye-to-eye, then why not?

I meant harmless in the sense that, would they get offended to know that I’m not into this and just act like I defeated the purpose of their invitation.

Btw, just wondering… what did they do to you?

sounds like a huge waste of time.

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It depends what you mean by “the other side”. Religion in Taiwan falls into two distinct camps:

  1. A quid-pro-quo thing, whereby you go to the temple, do a few rituals, and then ask for favours from the cosmic powers of your choice.
  2. A means for gurus/scammers to exploit the feeble-minded for personal gain.

The basic tenets of Christianity seem to fall through the cracks between those two extremes.

If you mean engaging them in debate, I don’t think they’ll be offended as such. Depending on who they are, they might enjoy it. Like I said, they usually mean well.

Nothing. I just wish they wouldn’t accost me in the street and hand me pamphlets. It’s a waste of paper, and it’s probably a waste of their own time. I don’t think God calls us to fritter away our existence on bugging other people with literature that will make no sense to them. I doubt many converts are won that way.


I don’t think you’re gonna learn anything from this. Maybe just gain some insight into their particular brand of persuasion/sales technique. There are better things to do.


I used to go to the meetings of a one group. Something to do with the “local churches” (relating to Witness Lee). I haven’t been able to figure out if it’s a cult or just a bit odd. But they are friendly and harmless.

There is nothing wrong with answering “No, thanks, I’m not interested.” Just be polite when you say it, and be polite in any firmness required to make them go away (if any).

I have to wonder if people who profess non-belief yet find themselves engaging anyway are being honest with themselves. There is nothing wrong with politely expressing your disinterest.

oh, didn’t know about that classification. I was simply referring to the complement of the respective “sets”.
I don’t think they will earn anything out of me…apart from my opinion or attendance perhaps.
Yes, the debates seemed like the most fruitful potential outcome of this visit.

I see your point. If I was affiliated with any such organization, I think even I would be offended at the caricature they are making of themselves. But still, it beats me why one would spend their friday evening doing that, approaching people like me, while I was on my way to go for something called whisky beer.
This is one of the most intriguing things- are they getting a kick out of this…WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?? (that’s the itch talking)

I know, but it also excites me in the sense that it feels like a GTA-5 strangers and freaks mission.
(Yes, I’m a pathetic human being)

I mean, I can understand the curiosity but honestly I think you’ll just come away disappointed. If you really want to learn about religion from a religious person, you’d be better off having a discussion with a member of clergy. someone (hopefully) educated who (hopefully) takes it seriously.

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@Uncreativeusername I see! What does that mean, what did he witness?
I am okay as long as the people can share their views and have a few laughs. A little bread and wine and it’s a party. jk!
What made you stop going there?

@bojack I just, for a second, simulated:

A: would you like to know about the message of our lord and savior JC?
And the “yea, sure” automatically came out. You are definitely right, I could have refused politely…but it happened like it happened.

You could be right. While I don’t think there’s any eagerness within me to find God, (or) a set of rules that define my character/behavior, or just simply secure a sweet spot in the bright place, I do find my behavior to be strange, but I like it.
But, if in case, by “engaging”, you mean that I seek affiliation, then that would be incorrect. “It” is a choice, right? I am just curious as to why they would make that choice and firmly stick with it… just curious about their thought-process.

No, it isn’t religion I wish to learn about. It is the people (esp. in my cohort) practicing it, that (as of yesterday) interest me. Yeah, I anticipate disappointment. But… it will be an experience, I guess, for future references.

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Whenever I’m approached by them I’ll often ask them which god they’re talking about and then start rattling off a number of local gods and that gets them to roll their eyes. I’ll then start asking them questions about how many people have died and suffered as a result of “their” brand of religion and why is their god real and all the other ones not? Some of them are born again so that often means if you don’t accept their story you’re going to hell regardless if you’re Christian or not. I’ve gotten into asking them about all their forefathers and since they weren’t born again, are they in hell? No answer of course. It can be good for practicing your chinese.

That was his title I guess. Witness as in witness of Christ. I don’t know much about it and at the time my chinese was still pretty basic so I didn’t really understand a lot. Reading about it online some see it as a sect and some don’t, mainly relating to the interpretation of some specific writings of Lee. They did things differently though, for example they had this way of praying where they repeat “Oh Lord Jesus” very emphatically.
No reason. Semester ended and I went back to my country.

Being as bad at saying no as I am, in Tokyo I had a woman at a train station take me to her church, and almost re-baptised me (something about it only counting if it was a full immersion). That one was a sect though.

that is some level of breaking their balls!

hahahah your Silver lining… I laughed way more than I should have.

Oh, I see. That sounds a lot like a cult…if there’s screaming involved.

I know right? Even for me, it started out like this… now I am too invested to back out.

Wow! I’m so glad I posted this.
I’m sure each millimeter of submersion counts for something…

Just so I don’t wind up in a Taiwanese jail, would it be illegal to rrply to such a question with, “No. Go fuck yourself.”?


What was on the tract that they gave you? That would tend to identify them. Fu Jen is Catholic, of course, but the Catholics aren’t known for haranguing passers-by like that. Mormon missionaries are pretty identifiable, so non-Mormons would probably have to either be Jehovah’s Witnesses (were there two of them?) or your bog-standard fundigelicals.

How very sweet of you.

You should’ve told him to fuck off or simply ignored him. It’s that simple.