Was fined for lightly flicking a kid's foot

No. It was only one parent. And not of the kid I flicked.

Another teacher hit another kid hard, which caused this whole shit storm for all the other teachers.

You can even get fined for making a kid stand for more than three minutes.


So you will be a fined for flicking a kid but the kid hasn’t complained and he won’t know you have been fined for it?

I guess those cameras are getting removed?

This is why I clicked ngl.

:neutral_face: I didn’t know this. Good to know!


Considered corporal punishment I think.


Yep me too.

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Why didn’t you use your words? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


was a guy who got fined for lightly tapping a kid on the head with a paperback thin book. I think they went to court and he still got sued.

always protect your self at buxiban.

the thing that pissses me off is that we’re at risk of this bullshit, but the buxibans doing illegal ass stuff during covid is completely going unchecked.


Having outstanding fines rather than having received a fine would be the problem, I believe, and it would have to have escalated considerably before you were being stopped from leaving the country.

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If you’re sued though (hardly unlikely) it could be an issue, I think.

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I would certainly be asking immigration in person, while recording, and showing you the law to make sure. Or a lawyer.

Not passing any judgment on you, i get a flick to the shoe can easily be a nothing. But i as well am actually somehow happy to see this post as kids have been abused to shit in schools in taiwan since the beginning of time. Especially down south. I am glad they are making examples to be honest. The stuff i have seen go on in both public and private schools truly disturbs me.


Having been on the edge of a potential lawsuit as a foreigner in Taiwan (YouBike accident with a scooter) OP should probably just settle the matter and move on. Taiwanese ‘justice’ is mostly reserved for locals.


Govt is fining them.

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I actually thought it was someone from my old job till they said where they live. How gross.

60,000 NTD? For a flick, how much for a full out smack?

Make them sit on a hard chair then , that is way more uncomfortable.

I would be calling the lawyer before potentially incriminating one’s self.

That’s what Taiwanese teachers were good at!

Very true. that said, with mask mandates helping privacy concerns (obviously taking a taxi, not parkin a registered-in-your-name vehicle infront of their office), it is easy as pie to “ask for a friend” without giving up any personal information. Lawyer is good. But end of the day its an opinion that can still lose. Albiet a hopefully educated one (mileage absolutely varies with lawyers, best to go in educated). It is good to pair a lawyer with a recording of actual government officials claiming A, B or C. Although they dont construct laws, in certain instances of very carefully constructed conversations, the fines can get reduced if they cause the gov to lose less face.