Was fined for lightly flicking a kid's foot

Bit of a backstory, will make it short.

One of the teachers at the school I work at hit a kid very hard.

Mother got lawyers and the education dept to come in.

They reviewed videos and there was one of me flicking a kids foot for putting it on the chair. Not hard, more of a touch.

So, fines were imposed on a number of teachers at the maximum amount. A few local teachers as well. No criminal charges.

I fought the fine amount, but they’re not budging, so I have accepted I’ll pay.

Now I am waiting on the official fine document.

As far as I know you have six months to pay, either in installments or a lump sum.

I expect the notice from the post office or the official fine document middle October.

Now for the question.

I’ll be leaving for about two months to visit my terminally sick mom back home at about the time or maybe prior to the official fine arriving.

Should I have any concerns that they won’t let me leave?

My assumption is that they shouldn’t.

If the official fine document arrives before I go I’ll settle.

If it doesn’t I’ll explain myself when I return.

Thanks to all who reply.

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You should be calling a lawyer as well to be honest.


@Marco, do you get commission for each Forumosan you refer to your lawyer? :joy:


Nope. Just wanna make it easy for foreigners to navigate Taiwan.

I had such a terrible time with this topic that once I found one that was easy to deal with and whose services I was happy with, I would spread the knowledge. This was a time when Forumosa wasn’t as useful as I’d wanted.


What’s the amount?

I agree. If there were no criminal charges, what is the authority for the fine? Are you 100% certain of all the details?


It’s actually shocking you’ve cameras in the classroom.


I think it’s surprisingly common. However, it’s unusual to store the footage for very long which presumably happened in the OP’s situation.


Pretty certain. This has been ongoing for months.

The authority is the Kaohsiung Education Department.

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Everyone got sixty K.

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I have contacted a lawyer.


Wow. I have to say, without making any judgments about your actual responsibility here, and hoping it works out as well as possible for you, I’m happy to hear that they’re taking such instances so seriously.


I’d hate to work in a classroom without a camera.

Were all the fines from touching the same kid?

Are all the other parents going mad?

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Good luck with your situation.

Just to drag things off-topic: I seem to be incapable of scanning the topic title without seeing “lightly licking a kid’s foot”, which is so much more disturbing.


No. It was only one parent. And not of the kid I flicked.

Another teacher hit another kid hard, which caused this whole shit storm for all the other teachers.

You can even get fined for making a kid stand for more than three minutes.


So you will be a fined for flicking a kid but the kid hasn’t complained and he won’t know you have been fined for it?

I guess those cameras are getting removed?

This is why I clicked ngl.

:neutral_face: I didn’t know this. Good to know!


Considered corporal punishment I think.


Yep me too.

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Why didn’t you use your words? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: