Was I deported?

Hey guys,

I have a question I’m not able to find answers to. I was in Taiwan back in 2009 until early June 2012,
towards the end of April 2012 my girlfriend I was dating for almost 4 years left me and decided to try and get me
deported… she called up immigration accusing me that I was working illegal, I managed to sort this and explain the story to them,
so then she decided to take it up a level and filed I assaulted her, she felt if I can’t be with her then I HAVE to go back…
The immigration then told me either I go to court about this matter what she accused me of, or I can simply leave Taiwan.
So I chose to leave Taiwan, the officer told me I might be deported for a year yet I might be able to just come back after several months.
He said he felt I was a nice and just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So now this was about 8 months ago, I want to come back to Taiwan but I have no idea if I was deported, or I just left with nothing happened to me.
Back in June last year I wrote an E-Mail to the officer asking my situation, he did reply saying I will know all soon in July and that was the last time
I heard of anything. I recently sent another mail that was 3 weeks ago but still no reply, So I’m wondering maybe I wasn’t deported and just took a
leave from Taiwan. When I left the immigration in Taiwan, they didn’t give me any trouble at all, no questions or anything. I even called UK immigration
about this question, they told me if I didn’t receive a deportation stamp then I’m not deported. I even called the Taiwan Immigration located in London,
Four months back they told me I don’t have anything pending on my passport or any restriction to Taiwan, Then I called yesterday and I spoke to a lady this time,
She told the office doesn’t receive any notice regarding my visa status from the Immigration in Taiwan, I’d imagine she didn’t misunderstand me.

Is there any way to find out if I was deported? I have a flight booked for Taiwan for February. I just don’t want to travel all the way there just to be turned back.

Thanks Forumosa for your help,


If you weren’t deported, then you weren’t deported. It’s that simple.

Although states can certainly impose entry restrictions on undesirable persons more-or-less at whim (that applies to any country, not just to Taiwan) it’s unlikely they’d bother to do that just on the say-so of some nutcase girl.

However, I’m not sure if you’re saying the ex-gf actually filed a civil suit against you. If so, and you failed to turn up at the court, you could well find yourself in legal trouble (and it wouldn’t necessarily manifest as a restriction on your travel to Taiwan). IMO the immigration official gave you bad advice on that score.

Your best bet might be to contact a lawyer in Taiwan who can check if you have been convicted of anything in absentia. Since your gf would have had to present evidence of whatever she was accusing you of, it’s possible they gave her a stern warning for wasting everyone’s time and threw the case out. But you ought to find out for certain.

Hey Finley,

She didn’t file a suit against me, But I’ll go ahead and check this all out in advance to be sure. Immigration did tell me they have had this kind of case many times before.
He was very polite and even drove me home after the interview.

I didn’t receive any court hearings but I agree the immigration official gave me bad advice and felt it was either poorly delt with or they just wanted me to leave and take a break so they could dismiss the case from her. The officer told me she was the crazy type that will just manifest anything to try and get me deported.

He was quite helpful in some points, he told me he would tell her that I was no longer in the country so I could have time get my mind in gear.
I’m sure she only went as far the immigration, the officer really didn’t seem to bothered about the case.

As the British Immigration officer told me, If I didn’t receive a deportation stamp then I’m not deported.
I imagine it’s all down on the passport paper, if you’re deported you’re forced onto a plane and receive the big black stamp,
At that point it would be stored on file perhaps. in the 8 months being here, I’ve changed my passport details and other personal info
to avoid her finding me in the future.

I just don’t want to take a flight this far to be knocked back at the boarder.

Many thanks for your help, It’s hard finding any good advice from anyone in the office in UK and TW, It’s like they don’t really know…

To the OP:

The answer to your question will almost certainly be in the court record.

To access the court record, you would need to engage a competent attorney.

Get the facts from the real source. :2cents:

If you don’t want to do that, then you could try to apply for a visa for Taiwan from a Taiwan diplomatic office in your country of nationality. Their answer would be revealing to some extent.

I hope this advice helps.


Well you obviously weren’t deported, but I see what you are trying to ascertain: whether there are criminal proceedings against you, e.g. have you been indicted on a charge in your absence. If there are, then it would be unlikely to stop you entering Taiwan again; on the contrary when you pass immigration you will be welcomed, with one or more of the following: handcuffs, passport seizure and a demand to pay bail in order to go free pending the trial.

Yes, as Big John indicates, and unfortunately, the only way to ascertain your criminal status before arriving is to sign a Power of Attorney (at a Notary, then authenticated at your local ROC mission) authorising a Taiwanese lawyer to obtain your court records. Most lawyers would ask for a a retainer of at least 60k before they do any work at all.

which begs the question, why Taiwan? Aren’t there other countries you can go to ?

Me thinks you were not deported and there were no arrest warrants out for you at the time you left.

Otherwise they wouldve stopped you from leaving.

However, whether you have been tried in absentia is a possibility, although not a great one I feel. And there may be renewed interest in you. But i doubt it actually.

IF you are brave enough, just go in.

What id do is book a flight to say Hong Kong and stay in HK a few days to get your body in sync and rest up.

Then buy a roundtrip to /from Taipei .

Provided you can get a ticket that you can later cancel if you do stay in TAiwan longer.

Get a one year ticket, assuming you may visit the home country in a year ?

This way you wont be biting your nails the entire long flight to Taiwan and then arrive tired and irritated and not in your best form to face the music.

Get somewhere nearby. Hang out, get your Asia legs so to speak and then go in confidently to taiwan.

Then you would only be restless for the short flight to the rock.

Again tho, i say you are probably more then 90pct in the clear.

And if not? Well i will write you in jail if you can get the internet? :smiley:

As others have said, you weren’t deported. I was n 2000 and immigration was very clear about that giving me a nice stamp in my passport and a deadline for leaving.

The girl left you and reported you?

I always thought when the man leaves the girl, she then looks at retribution.
Where you fooling around?

If you do decide to return, change towns/cities or if in Taipei, live in the opposite end of the city. Anywhere you used to visit together is out.

If I was a gambling man I would say when the immigration guy told her you had left, she deemed it as mission accomplished.

I doubt you were deported.