Was Journey huge?

Ah so

Nothing wrong with a good wank.

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They are a very bad wank. The sort of wank where you pretend you’ve come. The sort of wank you’d prefer to have listening to Savage Garden.

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Oh come on. That’s suicide music, not wanking music.


Speaking of huge :laughing:

(564) Dr. Hook-Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk - YouTube

I had to go back a bit and check. Whew. You’re referring to Air Supply, yeah?

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You’ve asked for it.

This seems like a question that could easily be answered with Google for anyone who wasn’t alive in the 70s or 80s to know the answer.

I wasn’t asking those people though. :idunno:

The audience in that Air Supply video are not moving.

Kind of reminds me of this video where Deep Purple played to an upper class Paris auditorium that does not move. Although it is a sacrilege to compare Air Supply to Deep Purple.

(565) Deep Purple - Child In Time - Live (1970) - YouTube

Some people are rockin inside

Journey had more hits then FYG
Fine Young Cannibals

true, but having hits does not mean you make good music. it just means that most radio stations play shit music which people are then manipulated into buying.

Some hits are good, of course (and I’m thinking Bay City Rollers here, guys!), but most are just pap.

The question wasn’t whether they had good music. It was whether they were huge.

Indeed. OK, they were huge. Like Elvis in his later years.

In early 90s, every young Taiwanese seemed to own either Air Supply and/or Carpenters cassette tapes.

I’ve seen Bryan Adams in concert in his heydey , pretty good!

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I think these guys must have done the whole score for Karate Kid 1 or basically any early 80s movie. :joy:.