Was Journey huge?

That’s odd. That music was 10-20 years old by then.

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I remember in the late 80s when a couple of high school students walked into a record shop in Kaohsiung and asked Jeff, the owner (who was a music nut- rock, blues, jazz) if he had any Air Supply. The bewildered girls got a tirade about never asking for such trash in his store again, and a list of music to listen to before they came back (not that they would).

( He later opened The Basement, the first decent pub in Kaohsiung.)


Remind me (kind of) when my brother and I went to a Japanese restaurant in the hotel he was staying at in Taipei. He asked what kind of beer they had and when they answered Heineken, my brother kind of went off on the guy and we walked out. Felt bad for him. My brother probably would’ve lost it if we sat down and they started playing Journey (trying make this post relevant).