Was Kratom just banned in Taiwan?

Two of the major sites that sold it just closed. What’s happening?

I don’t think so. Some noise in the press recently though, with Taiwan’s FDA apparently requesting that it be added to the list of controlled drugs

Ah gotcha, dumb.

Do you know of any local places that still sell it?

Of course it says Americans use it and has caused death

Is there a huge market for it? I have friends that have set up shop and cultivate it and ship it to US. They’ve been asking me to do it in Taiwan but I don’t have no trouble with the law.

I wrote a warning months ago but mods deleted it…so will say one last time, Taiwan is kicking up the war on drugs. Smarten up guys or get a gov beat down…its not about morals its about laws and the give control. Either don’t play this way here or play secretly. a bad idea, especially now…

Take it or leave it

The bottom line is that right now Kratom is not illegal in any sense. It seems like it could be on the path to being so, and I’d keep myself apprised of developments if I was using it. I’ll keep an eye out

I saw something on it, and they kept mentioning how it’s common in the in the US and for Americans. They should probably also mention how massively expensive and how much of a failure the war on drugs has been in the US.

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I can’t seem to find a straight answer. I google it and find some talk of it but never anything definitive as to whether it is illegal. If anyone can provide a link with an answer that would be great.

What is kratom??

The definitive answer should be found here:


But they don’t seem to have posted the “Schedule and Items of Controlled Drugs” list as usual.

Thanks for that. I have been on that page and did not see anything like you said. There was a “press release” from the MOJ in Chinese but putting it through google translate did not help clear things up.

There have been news articles lately saying it was going to be made illegal. But I haven’t seen any further word.


They posted notices for public comments on the drafts on Sep. 28 and Oct. 4, and the duration is 14 days. It might be interrupted due to the coming election, though.


MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND WELFARE Notice is hereby given, to commence a period of public comments for the draft amendment of “Schedules and Items of Controlled Drugs”


MINISTRY OF JUSTICE Notice is hereby given, to commence a period of public comments for the draft amendment on Appendix 2 of Subparagraph 2, Appendix 3 of Subparagraph 3 and Appendix 4 of Subparagraph 4 of Paragraph 2 of Article 2 of “Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act”

Kratom is in Appendix 3.

Nice info!

Ridiculous. Tried Kratom tea a few times, nothing crazy. But helped my mood and definitely some pain relief.

One thing i hate about Taiwan is lack of pain management. I’m sorry, I’m a tall heavy man. After tearing my knee and breaking my ankle. I got bad days with pain. Paracetamol and ibuprofen isn’t cutting it. Makes almost zero difference imo. And they give that for major surgery in Taiwan once you leave the hospital.

They’re making so many variations of opiate analogs in China the least of their concern should be Kratom. They can’t make enough legislation to keep up with all the new designer drugs coming out of China.

Nah. There’s hundreds of scheduled drugs, they don’t go around testing for them all.

It’s kind of my job to know this stuff . So take it from me…

By the way they can and do test for all scheduled drugs.

Not only that , they can even test for designer drugs havent been scheduled yet and have just been synthesised .