Was that an eathquake?

Dunno if I was just daydreaming, but was that just another earthquake?

Yep. Whole lotta shakin’ going on. Well, not that much. Most people probably slept through it.

Yeah, I felt it too, but just barely! I guess I better get used to this, huh? That makes two in 5 weeks!

Just came out of a meeting this morning, one of the techincal consultants was from the U.S. Last night upon feeling the very minor tremor, he ran down from the twelve floor fire escape and through the hotel lobby, just in his skids (jocks, pants, undies , whatever).

through the lobby and into the steet.

the guy is about 6 2" , bet the locals had a really good laugh…

Shaking like fark on my 10th floor rooftop. makes a hell of a difference.