Was that just bias from individual?

Was that just bias from individual, or a voice spoke for the majority Forumosans?
First of all, please define

[quote=“winca”]Was that just a bias from an individual, or a voice spoke for the majority Forumosans?
First of all, please define

Winca, I can answer your concerns even more succinctly than TM did:

No, and you’re paranoid.

If your assumptions automatically veer toward racism and sexism, what does that say about you?

As much as I like this website, I do wish your opinions were what exactly in SB

What exactly do you have against Stragbasher? What, did he stand you up one night or something?

And how do you go from (supposed) zealous overcorrection of English mistakes to sexual harassment? That’s a bloody big leap.

TS wrote:

[quote] What exactly do you have against Stragbasher? What, did he stand you up one night or something?

And how do you go from (supposed) zealous overcorrection of English mistakes to sexual harassment? That’s a bloody big leap.[/quote]

What exactly do you have against me? What, did I stand you up one night or something? That’s a bloody big leap.

As I have said, I will find the related links and post them! No worry! If those inappropriate posts weren’t moved to flounder forum!

Winca, I think you take this all a little bit too serious. I personally know Stragbasher, I personally know Miaka, and I know that she had no problem handling whatever the reaction was to any of her posts. The reason she doesn’t post anymore is that she is back in the US and probably busy with her US life again after spending some time in Taiwan with her grandmother. Stragbasher certainly didn’t drive her off (and whether or not Stragbasher is interested in Taiwanese women as girlfriends is indeed a private matter). As much as it’s true that a lot of Taiwanese girls seem to get driven off the board, the term “psycho xiaojie” has never been used to describe self-confident and out-spoken Taiwanese girls but is generally used for women who can’t handle a break-up and react, well, psycho. It just seems to be a fact that this is a much more common occurence here than in the west. As to why these girls get driven off the board, that might indeed be a personality thing for some, changes in their work/life schedule for others, and, unfortunately, probably in some cases, the heavy male dominance on this board and the seemingly anti-female posts of SOME posters. But if you’ve checked on those threads, you hopefully realize that those posters who slag off women are even worse against us Western girls. Maybe we can just put up better with them? And if you’ve been here long enough, you should also have realized that most of the men here value women, especially Taiwanese women, highly.

The fact that this website mainly targets Westerners is usually mentioned when a Taiwanese starts complaining about all those Western posters slagging off Taiwan. Most Westerners living here do have issues with life in Taiwan and use this site to vent. A Taiwanese person logging on and complaining about us being racist won’t change this. A Taiwanese person logging on and realising that venting is all it is (don’t forget, most of us consider Taiwan our home, many of us are married to Taiwanese, part of their spouse’s family and have a wide circle of Taiwanese friends- we wouldn’t do that if we were racist against everything Taiwanese) might make some interesting observations and useful contributions to the site.

Oh, and Tetsuo, what’s wrong with you today? There are other threads where your status as defender of reason is much more needed, aren’t there? :wink: :wink:


I blame work :laughing:

Thank you for the compromise, iris. Actually, I wasn

I don’t really see why Miltownkid’s reaction would confirm anything about SB :s

If you want to go after seemingly racist/misogynist posters, there are MUCH better targets than these two :wink:

I don’t see the point of this whole thread actually.

[quote=“winca”]Thank you for the compromise, iris. Actually, I wasn

I heard “Taiwaner” actually spoken for the first time yesterday. I nearly wet myself.

Don’t mind me, I’m just a mysogynist (how do you spell that anyway?), chink-bashing, old grammaticaster.

But, in the interests of pulling your head out of your arse before you suffocate in your own shit, let me translate the above quotes for you:

On second thoughts, why should I bother? I get paid to teach English, and what you need is an English lesson.

Your post indicates that you do not fully understand what we are talking about. You have not followed our conversations and understood the nuances of our language. There are terms that you obviously are not familiar with, and you are not able to draw the correct conclusions - to understand the whole that is different from the individual parts taken out of context.

Find a good teacher, pay him or her properly, and ask him or her to translate my comments into simple English that you can understand. When your language skills are at a high enough level that you can truly analyse what I have to say then feel free to challenge me.

Until then you’re just making yourself look silly. You are also apparently not totally clear about who has said what. Are you reallygoing to go back through my embarassingly large number of posts, and even more emparassingly large number of words to get a true and representative picture of my attitudes as expressed at Forumosa? Take a look at the numbers on the left.

Or are you just going to find the bits from a few choice threads that support your rather weak argument?

If you do your research properly I think you may find that you are misrepresenting me quite seriously. As you’re not a native speaker, and I don’t think you’re genuinely malicious, I’m not really offended by your post. Consider this to be a friendly public warning.

Oh, and one clarification: I prefer genuine communication over a purely physical relationship - at least if it lasts more than a few days. You have just demonstrated that an educated Taiwaneser, with above average language skills, is still likely to misunderstand me more often that someone who is a native English speaker. To avoid having this kind of drama in my home life I will continue to seek women like me in my relationships over women like you. If that offends you then see my advice in para 2!

And if this post offends you then fuck off. I’m a moderator and I’ll have you banned if you argue.

Funniest thing I read all day. :laughing: (with seeing Taiwaneser again being a close second).

winca, don’t hate the playas hate the game. :smiley:


I do not look, act, or think anything like that guy. What’s Winkle going to think if she sees that and thinks I’m one of these beach people you keep talking about? Have some respect, dudes. This is me:

By the way, Winkle, I was joking about getting you banned. I oppose banning on principle, which is why I don’t take part in the process. I haven’t even asked for this thread to go into the flame bin - you couldn’t post all those links if you did.

Winca, you seem insecure and somewhat immature. How old are you?
And to be fair, Stragbasher needs to count to 10 before making “or else because I am a moderator” posts.
And to be even fairer, I’m walking to the beach to grab some beers and babes (foreign or Hong Kongers)…

Sorry for being late, got a life to live.

Moderator Stragbasher wrote:

reaching out into the local community and attracting more people who may change the character of the site[/quote]

I’m not opposed to the real Taiwanesers who have stumbled into this site, and generally they seem like nice people, but this is primarily a site for ex-pats. [/quote]

Did you or didn


[quote]Pardon me! Since I