Was the gas price rise a political hoax?

In the spirit of the numerous conspiracy theory advocates on this forum, I would like to point to the fact that gas and oil prices have dropped dramatically since the election. Coincidence? Was it possible that wealthy democrats like Soros were inflating the prices to defeat Bush? And if Bush is such the oil man with the “connections” that he is supposed to have both at home and with the Saudis among others, why couldn’t he get the gas prices down before the election? hmmm?

I am sure that others will have a lot to say about this. Clearly, there is malfeasance of some kind going on because I say so. When is the US govt going to investigate this? I am surprised that MFGR has not already called for a congressional or independent investigation into this to find out what skeletons may be hiding in prominent Democrat and world leaders’ closets. I demand an investigation!

[quote]U.S. retail gasoline prices declined for the ninth week in a row and truckers are enjoying the cheapest diesel fuel in almost four months, the Energy Department (search) said Monday.

The national pump price for regular unleaded gasoline fell 1.3 cents over the last week to $1.778 a gallon. But that was up 27 cents from a year ago, according to a survey of service stations by the Energy Information Administration (search).

Still, it is the lowest price consumers have paid to fill up their tanks since last March.

The EIA, the Energy Department’s analytical arm, also said the average price truckers pay for diesel fuel fell 3 cents to $1.957 a gallon, the lowest since mid-September, but up 45 cents from a year ago.[/quote]

Hilarious! I don’t know how Americans have managed with the astronomical price of petrol over these months. My heart goes out to them. Thank the Lord in all his mercy that Americans can now go back to taking the SUV to the bottom of the drive to fetch the post.

heh. :laughing: touche, hex.