Was there a Hooters in Kaohsiung?

Did anyone ever fly on Hooters Air which operated from 2003-2006?

No, but went to the one Taipei many years ago with two female friends. Seems like TGIF Friday’s American food and what seems like normal food servers staff. There are better places to go, so never went back. My two female friends, mostly commented on the terrible overpriced food and nothing else interesting about the place to us (better looking staff at my local coffee places)

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Unless you’re a horned up 16 year old boy, there really isn’t much reason to go there. The wings aren’t that great, and the service staff is competent and friendly but you can see people dressed like that walking down the street.


There was a Hooters in Kaohsiung in the early 2000s. Probably 2003, 2004. It was on Zhongzheng Rd, and it was located on the ground floor below the Green Jungle Pub. It was a few buildings down from the original Mama Mia’s Restaurant. It started out well but never really took off after that and closed within 1.5, 2 years.

I’ve been to the Xinyi Hooters and I think it is great! That patio is excellent with amazing views of the city and you can’t beat the happy hour prices on beer! I’ve been several times with my wife and she loves it for the reasons mentioned.


Had to search what is this place and saw overseas locations, sounds like a Maid cafe we have now.

Thanks for confirming. i could have sworn i had been to ahooters in ktown once. but then started to doubt myself and figured maybe taipei. it was a long time ago.

And yes, a horned up young guy…cant remember the food but i agree with @DrewC you can see that on the street,a n better. Without spending a lot of money for soso food. As a young guy then, that was quite important. Not really a fan as those places, like clubs, tend to cater to superficial crowds wanting to flash money and get slutty men and women for cheap thrills. Fine for some, but really that great a tome to be honest. if i wante a hot woman to go home with, prostitution would be not much more than the meal there haha. Not a fan personally of those types of places.

Go and enjoy a happy hour beer on the Xinyi deck and you will see that it’s not a bad place. The food and atmosphere (indoors) was secondary and you’ll see that a non 16 yr old horn dog will enjoy it!

I will take your word for it. No trips planned to taipei anytime soon. Would you compare it to fridays? That place i also find soso and overprice, and with slightly less sexism. In a city like taipei, there are so many amazing food joints for that price range, its going to take some extra convincing to go to a noisy, busy, kinda gross type place and pay good money for mediocre food haha. I hope im wrong, but the hooters i have been to in canada, usa and the kaohsiung one way back all seemed pretty shyte.

I’ve been to the Hooters behind the Brother Hotel a couple times. Good burgers and friendly service. The hula hoop show is a bit of a silly gimmick, though.

I do not go for the food. A friend once posted a picture of the patio of Xinyi and I thought it looked great and so I checked it out when in the city and I was not disappointed. A perfect patio to enjoy an afternoon beer (again, great happy hour prices from 3 - 6:30pm) with great views. Food was not a priority so I can’t really comment on it. I had the wings a couple of times though and they were decent. I will certainly go back on my next visit to Taipei.


Although that sounds bad in english, brothels, and “brothel hotels” are common everywhere in taiwan, even next to schools. I dont like that fact personally, but it is a fact of life in taiwan so it doesnt actually drag down the reputation of any businesses in a local cultural sense :slight_smile:

Brother Hotel is not that kind of hotel, it also has good cafes in and around there and near a large Metro Station.

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Oh, is that the actual name of a hotel? I thought people were talking about actual brothel type hotels haha.

I remember seeing that Hooter’s, just can’t remember where or when. Hooter’s never did much for me.

Maybe this place is USA type of eatery. Seems Aussies, Japanese and Taiwanese not like it much.

Its the same as Fridays but with waitresses that wear less clothing. I think aussies, japanese and taiwanese quite like that angle of sexuality. They just happen to be a shitty franchise with mediocre food i think. And on the lady front, a very poor cp value compared to local brands.

From what I remember , food was worse than Fridays.

Dang, the ratings just keep getting lower…

Old news release, not sure it happened