Washer / Dryer from Canada - will they work?


I am packing my things for a new life in Taiwan, and was wondering if my 220V dryer and three-prong-plugged washing machine (both purchased in Canada) will work in Taiwan? Or is my best bet to sell em before I leave? I just bought them recently and I’d rather hang onto them if feasible.



Wow you are looking at some heafty shipping costs for those machines. Wow! As far as I know they will work fine. Though most places in Taiwan do not have a three prong outlet, but you can buy those adapters and there will be no problem. If you really decide to bring them here then once you get settled in you’ll need to call an electrician to get the outlet you want to use converted to a 220V line.


Personally I wouldn’t bother, as said above the shipping costs will be pretty hefty and washers are pretty cheap here. The hassles of hooking up the 220…is 220V 50 of 60Hz here? What type of apartment are you thinking of moving to? If it’s an older place I wouldn’t be too keen to pull the type of amps you’re looking at for these machines through the wiring in a typical apartment. Also most places will already have a washer, dryers arn’t that common here.

Oh gawd, no…not again…all this talk about voltage and amps and outlets makes my sphincter quiver…could this possibly be turning towards another discussion of (gasp) PLUGS?!?

“The horror, the horror.”

Sell and buy new one here, they won’t work unless you involve an electrician and the cost of shipping might not be justified either as Jeff points out.