Washing Detergents


What is the best washing detergent that can actually clean your clothes?

I have tried several types, and experimented using plain cold tap water and 40C water.
However I have noticed that the cleaning capabilities of most washing detergents is crap as is the smell of the detergent. I thought heating up the water would activate the detergent to clean, but this gives marginal improvement. Also I am afraid that the washing detergents in Taiwan have more bleach that anything; so they may damage my classy Hang-Ten shirts.
I have avoided buying powders as these have on occasion coagulated and stained my clothes, meaning I had to wash them again.

Where is ?

and other fabric conditioners

I thought Lever Brothers would like to get into the market, instead these dodgy fly by night manufacturers make detergents

I went home three months ago and stuffed my clothes in the washing machine. When I took them out they were sparkling clean, some areas of my clothing hadn’t seen the light for almost a year.
With most detergents sold in Europe and America, something called phosphorgens are added to make them look brighter and sparkling, also they have ingredints that are activated by warm water.

Also I hate top load washing machines which are a common sight in Taiwan. Is it possible to buy a front load machine?



Some helpful pointers to you:

  1. Coagulating powders. You are ideally supposed to put the powder into the machine first, let it fill half way with water, and THEN add your clothes. This way the powder dissolves first. If you lob the whole lot in and chuck the powder on top you are asking for trouble, particularly in a top loader.

  2. I think you will find that many of the detergents in the west have added enzymes to improve cleaning capability etc. These are a fairly recent (5 - 6 years) addition and is good from an aesthetic point of view. However, one of the downsides of this additional ingredient, is that the enzymes can irritate some skins - most notably those who suffer from hayfever or dry skins. I had to use cortisone cream for months, until we worked out what the problem was. As Asian skins are more prone to dryness (dermatological fact), this could be one of the reasons that these chemicals are not added here. Then again, I could be wrong.

Finally, I think you can buy things like Tide in Tienmu and at Costco.

I choose Attack and Bio Zet, but Kao (Hua Wang) - a good Japanese brand.

Hope this helps. By the way, I am a whizz with dirty floors too!!


In that case thanks!!
if you can make it early enought tommorrow you can do all my floors, and while you are on a roll with this, I would like my clothes washed and my leopard skin underwear ironed with NO creases
Thanks in advance


Washing powder in Taiwan, as far as I know, is formulated for cold water use for the obvious reason that no one has hot water hooked up to their washing machine (or very few).


As for the top loaders, it’s just easier to lean inside a top loader to pull stuff out. Remember most people have their washing machine ion their balcony here. The popularity of front loaders, especially in Europe where house are small is that they have to fit under kitchen work surfaces so obviously can’t open upwards.


I use Tide. Seems to get the job done, and I can buy it at the local Welcome Supermarket.

The other day on CNN, I saw a washing machine from South Korea that Ionizes the water to wash clothes without using any soap. Apparently the ions in the water breakdown the dirt molecules. Sounds environmentally friendly. One question, though - what the heck is ionized water?