Washing my bikes in a high-rise apt

Looking for advice: I live in a high-rise, as many of us do, and keep my bike downstairs in the courtyard. Only problem is the large accumulation of dust. Where do you wash your bike? We just got a new guard service, and a couple of the guys seem like they think they’re cops, able to dictate everything to everyone. One of them got onto the common area cleaning lady for running the water hose too long. So do I just go ahead and wash in an out of the way corner of the courtyard and give a friendly hand wave and a “Hao, hao” if the guard gives me grief, try to find a friend’s home to go to, or what? Experiences, suggestions?

Can you take it up to your apartment? I’ve washed my bike in the bathroom in the past. That’s the beauty of a waterproof floor.

Alternatively, you can wash it at a petrol station sometimes.

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Or you complain to the community that the guards are there to provide security and safety, and should not be facist cops. We had issues with one of our security guards, interrogating friends when they entered (in one case threatening one) despite us giving permission to enter and all sorts, so we had to complain the the commtunity office/rep.

My community doesn’t allow community water to be used to wash cars/scooters/bikes. I suppose they feel it’s not fair to use community resources for personal reasons. Some people take buckets of water down from their apartments to wash their vehicles.

what area are you in?

I live in Xindian.

My last place, I took the bike and a couple of buckets of water up to the roof and did it there. Mainly because there wasn’t any space anywhere else that wasn’t too cramped.

Me too. Plus the bike dries faster with the breeze and direct sunlight up there.

use the dish washer.

Looks like washing in bathroom might be my only option. Maybe an unexpected benefit of Taiwan-style open bathrooms. Plenty of room to splash around.

No place outside. Don’t want to use high-pressure car wash.

Or maybe leave it outside during the next typhoon.

0.55 to 4.11

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I used to do that when the weather got a bit unbearable in the winter, but then realized that the the time it took me to clean the bathroom afterwards with all the grease and grime on the floor outweighed the time it took me to clean the bike.

A car wash with a scooter area is not the worst idea. Just make sure you aren’t aiming the power wash too close to the bike or you may risk washing away the grease in the bearings.


Another option, which I used to do bc my old place had no balcony, is to borrow the hose at the local bike shop. Most of the time, the shop has a sink area or some place outside of their shop in which they wash the chain/drive train parts.

I usually reimburse the shop by treating them to bubble tea or a drink from the convenient store nearby.


I clean it in the bathroom. I use one of those chain cleaner gadgets, it holds most of the grime and old lube inside, so the mess is somewhat reduced. Be careful with the vapours, don’t use too much degreaser and go outside the bathroom to take a breath from time to time.