They just look so menacing and you can’t kill them because they don’t really provoke, are too fast and not ugly enough to pursue to the bitter end. What to do?

Hi Quirky,

Could you possibly be a little clearer as to what your question is? “What to do?” What do do about what? :s

I don’t know how this became about W.A.S.P.S.! I am serious about wasps. My place is by a mountain and I live on a rooftop, so they do fly-by occasionally. I guess just letting them fly by is all I need to do as they are not in a position to provoke.
At the heart of the issue is that I would like to know how to tell when they are about to attack and under what circumstances they do so. Even if I could tell that they were about to attack, I’d need to have a telescopic microscope thingy. You know, something that you can zoom in on and then scope over to see behavior. I would not need such a device if it is possible a reliable method to tell when they will sting from flight pattern or speed.

I like to stare at them in awe & bewilderment.
Do not threaten their immediate nesting environment and/or feeding routes. Otherwise the only contact to come upon will be the scouts & the drones. Unless they are raiding a bee’s nest.

Unless absolutley necessary, avoid killing a wasp when there are a group of them about, like near a nest. The chemicals around the wasps stinger contain a hormone that acts as an alarm for other wasps, making them more aggressive. A few dead ones’, or a sting here or there, and the chance of a swarm is great.

Above all, Do Not Fear them, they can smell it like an old hund. :sunglasses:

May the force be with you, Young Jedi! :grandpa:

My commiserations. Not having ever dealth with wasps, I was alarmed when a bunch of them started building a nest just outside the door to my balcony. Fortunately they weren’t the super nasties I’d anticipated and went down like flies when the Raid was sprayed.


I live on in a rooftop on a mountain as well and there are some huge fothermucker of wasps that drone by. I usually run inside and wait until they are gone. Not much else you can do. I know canada and the states both sell wasp spray… might bring a can of that back.