Watch Cop27 Live

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They still don’t know how to use Zoom for these “climate change” meetings where they all fly in and waste all that CO2?
Until they do so, it’s just a farce.
And COPS the tv show is much more entertaining.


Watch Paint Dry may be a more accurate title… :sleeping:


Who would voluntarily watch this?

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Without a gun to the head…absolutely nobody.

It’s a new tactic by CIA for terrorists’ interrogations, replacing water-boarding.

Surprised you aren’t waving flags for them.


…well, why watch it? it’s one of your only opportunities to hear what world leaders sound like, and how they look.

Pakistan went through a hell of a wringer just a little while ago, and it’s sad and moving listening to its poor prime minister express the tragedy and desperation.

But if there are better things to do, fine. Go do them. Be free.

Blah blah blah…climate crisis…blah blah blah…the First World needs to funnel billions into poor, corrupt Third World countries and enrich their elites…blah blah blah…

Like massive hypocrites…



I think the reason why many people are dismissive of these climate talks is that they are frankly completely useless. The reality is climate change, while very real and very much happening, will never be reversed or even mitigated as long as corporations don’t act, which they never will because the humanity, collectively, has not even the slightest interest in a fundamental lifestyle change at all. What we can do is adapt, which many countries have already done so like the Netherlands.

It also doesn’t help that the ones attending these climate talks are all extremely rich, i.e., have massive carbon foot prints, which certainly doesn’t help their message.

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Well, your attempt to explain the complex responsibility at play is curious. Human individuals and communities around the world have expressed the wish to change… However, if you presume an overwhelming indifference towards change is presently the dominant social current, then nothing good will continue to happen.

But note, you emphasize the power of corporations… Technically, governments around the world could agree to enact collective simultaneous legislation to enforce changes… Like, the abolition of fossil fuel-powered autos, electric generating stations, and all that, according to a precisely delineated plan of action. Basically, it would involve ordering the biggest fossil-capitalist entities, like Exxon, BP, Shell, Saudi-Aramco to retool their businesses. For example, the untapped potential of the middle eastern desert for the production of solar electric power, via both convective-mirror heating and photovoltaic cells is immense and unlimited… Seaside hot-tropical and desert areas can also host massive desalination plants to replace the denuded reserves of alpine fresh water sources, especially in India and the Western U.S.A. …Massive rehabilitation of deforested areas can be undertaken scientifically, with the careful seeding of multiple indigenous species simultaneously, as planters are already doing in Brazil…

“There are no problems, only solutions” …as John Lennon sang…

I am trying to ascend beyond cynicism. It cannot help us. If you honestly believe the mass of people does not have wit quick enough to stimulate or create change… Then what is going to happen? A snowballing crisis… Or fire-balling, perhaps is a better description. Millions, therefore, are destined to perish suddenly, just like in one of those goofy disaster movies, like after a massive asteroid hits the planet.

What will happen after that? The surviving people will change out of necessity… But if we are unable to adapt using intelligence, our species will disappear…

So, either we decide to manage our destiny successfully, or we will vanish. In that case, I suppose a new species of intelligence will eventually evolve to replace us, if what’s leftover of the Earth is hardy enough to regenerate…

So, nobody cares? It’s curious to see that the obvious solutions to the global climate crisis are staring us right in the face: an orderly transition away from fossil fuels enforced by universal, global concerted action to legislate against corporate power – effectively, to order them to retool and produce renewables in concord with automotive manufacturers, etc…

But it “can’t” happen because of the superstition that Capitalist enterprise represents some kind of inviolable and untouchable independence from public-spirited influence. The truth is this: very few individuals actually control global Capitalist power. The might of their wealth alone is enough to overrule wisdom and better action… Example, Warren Buffett is so nervous about pleasing his rich-kid A and B stock investors with consistently high annual returns, that he has invested in oil quite recently…

I sincerely believe that millions and billions may perish in the coming decades, and I am not joking. This kind of Warren Buffett stupidity is perfectly legal and respectable because Capitalism is equated, erroneously, with wisdom & freedom in the same breath…

Joe “the Ventriloquist’s Dummy” Biden is in Cambodia today to say and do nothing at ASEAN… Tomorrow, or later today, he will fly to COP27 to do more of the same nothing…

The rapacious rich owners will continue enjoying oil profits… And move to Greenland to live in UV-resistant domes at the same time as the rest of us fry and die.

All political leaders and presidents do nothing but please the awfully richest first: please, please, mister sir, we respect your BIG $$$ so much!

In Europe carbon reduction is a massive th9ng, people really believe in it and it is largely on track. Electric vehicles of all types are hugely popular, cycle lanes for commuting, car traffic reduction, large number of houses getting insulated. The air is largely very clean and that is a great benefit.

Asia…we need to catch up big time. Taiwan is still a dirty fossil fuel island and its people living here that have to suck in most of the pollution. Look out the window folks!

Sure we have wind turbines going up but industry is totally dependent on fossil fuels and most locals haven’t changed their ways at all.

Yes other countries are exporting their carbon pollution to places like here but we can do a lot better.

Yes, I agree, and forgive my frustrated cynicism. In Europe, Denmark, and its neighbors are planning big investments to go totally green in the next few decades…

I wonder why Taiwan is lagging behind? Is it simply its traditionally blind devotion to good old U.S.A.-economic-forms, opinion and education? Because Taiwan has a such a rich history of super-exceptional industrial innovation in almost every major industry, whether it’s high-tech or heavyweight. Perhaps the local rich men see it as too risky and won’t go for it because the profits are not short-term enough? And the government simply lacks oomph, wisdom and will, like in America…

Years ago there were big investments in solar panels, that industry was killed by Chinese manufacturers and no profits.
Anyway in general the society and government here are still wedded to fossil fuels. Too many businesses depend on cheap energy.

Really? This argument is part of the establishment propaganda… It’s all a whitewash to say or pretend solar was killed by cheap Chinese merchandise – especially because, the reality is that, unless we exploit renewable energy, we are toast… It should, on the contrary, be a good thing that the Chinese helped bring manufacturing costs down.

The U.S. is particularly overwhelmed by economic interest groups. Big oil and coal are deeply entrenched. Every day, international and local lobbyists, as well as powerful executives at BP, Shell, Saudi-Aramco and Exxon play card tricks to bamboozle everyone into thinking they “care” about global warming, and are actively working to mitigate it. But the advertising is just that – baldface lying that makes CNN and Fox a lot of revenue.

The establishment is pulling the wool over the world’s eyes… The reality is quite different from the advertising. Big oil is planning more and more oil extraction projects. Read this, it makes Cop27 look like a sort of ghost séance…

Oil is basically the most profitable industry on Earth. While big companies like Walmart might enjoy a profit margin of one or two or a few percent, oil companies make up to 35% pure profit. Did Exxon complain when the Arabs jacked up the price of oil when Russia invaded Ukraine?

Hell, one could argue that, besides deliberately trying to kill off an entire nation of people by making Ukraine uninhabitable, Putin probably thinks it is a good outcome if his war helps increase the world’s dependency on oil indefinitely into the future…

In Russia, few care about global warming, there’s lots of skepticism and denial. They think if things warm up, they can grow crops further north. But way way up there, when the permafrost thaws, it will release zillions of tonnes of methane, one of the worst greenhouse gases. Not only that, but if the permafrost thaws, it becomes impossible to build roads easily or at all, they sink into the endless muck below. . .

You were asking about what happened I just wanted to let you know that there were large investments in green tech in Taiwan but the companies bankrupted. There isnt anything unclear about that.

I blame dinosaur farts
Dinosaur farts caused global warming, say experts - CBBC Newsround

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