Watch faces

Most watches have faces with the numbers 1-12 in either 123 style or Roman Numeral style.

Question: has anyone ever seen a watch in Asia with Chinese numbering on the watch face, such as (-) (–) (—) to 12 reading them all in Mandarin or Japanese? Or has you ever seen a watch with A-B-C LETTER marks instead of numbers, such as A on top for 12, and B for 3 and C for 6 and D for 9 oclock, or with all letters, A B C D E F G H I J K L for the 12 hour marks?

I looked on internet for images but can only find numbers and roman numeral watch faces. Wonder if anyone has seen other kinds of faces?

these are cool but NOT what I am looking for: … mation.gif

FOSSIL makes watches with numbers in Chinese.

Here is an example: … R7978d.JPG

You may not find much else out there, though. The ABC thing will probably be pretty tough to find, too. Not practical

[quote=“mixedvegetables”]FOSSIL makes watches with numbers in Chinese.


Thanks for that heads up, or face up, MixedV. I didn’t know Fossil had those watches. Kewl! I wonder any other kinds of faces are available online or in stores, such as in Greek or Hebrew or Arabic or Russian or Japanese (altho I think Japanese counting characters are the same as the Chinese ones Fossil has).

Sure, here you are:

This one has Greek numbers:

And this one has Russian numbers:

Quite special, aren’t they? :wink:

Those don’t look Greek or Russian to me, Andre. You must be joking.
Be serious!

I have a clock in my office with chinese numbers on the face, but I bought it in the States years ago.

This series is called CRAZY HOURS from Franck Muller in Swisserland.

NOTE: This whimsical watch features mixed-up hours on the face. The hour hand jumps to indicate the proper hour, while the minute hand functions as normal.

[oh, yeh, suggested retail price : US$20,000]

I have one with Arabic numbers.


Well, they are 1 2 3 …

They are called arabic numbers, as I have learned in school.

Boring Bob (“Bobo”)