Watch LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Makes Special Announcement at Mar-a-Lago - 11/15/22

It won’t solve his problems. He will attempt to delay the court cases and any possible criminal charges until after the next Presidential election. He will cite Presidential Immunity. The DoJ has already said they won’t accept this excuse while he’s a nominee (unlike 2014/15).

If the DoJ decides to charge him for obstruction and removal of classified documents then those charges will now come a lot quicker. I doubt he would go to jail for it however he would most definitely be disqualified. Again, Trump would attempt to delay these court cases in the hope that he would win the 2024 election.

And that seems a pipe dream considering just how many legal troubles he’s currently facing and the prospective ones on their way.

as close to 0% chance as you can get this side of winning Powerball.

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official grift #1 - announce at mar-a-lago, pay facility rental and banquet fees out of campaign war chest that you have a hard time getting your hands on semi-legally. winning!


I don’t think so. The Dems literally funded Trumper candidates this cycle, this is like a jackpot.

The Dems may have encouraged Trumps picks but they certainly didn’t fund them. And as others have pointed out the single most important issue for most voters was abortion rights. With more for than against.

Another issue might be that those voters that Trump is appealing to don’t actually vote. Which is probably why their new argument is that elections must be called on Election Day. They may as well ban postal votes if they’re going to demand that kind of thing.

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In the long term, in the real world, no

Maybe he’s hoping he’ll die while in office? If not he’ll definitely give himself a pardon. But will he win? Even Murdoch and Fox have told him they won’t support him.

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I don’t think he’s a good long term thinker, more of a fuck around and find out kinda guy

He only thinks long term when it comes to scams and grifts. He did nothing in the 4 years he was President. Another 4 years would just be depressing.
But this was apt

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On the contrary Trump was so effective he was still able to project power into the next term, changing the ruling on Roe V Wade with Biden in office :rofl:. Biden, not realizing he’s President probably heard saying “somebody do something!” Meanwhile the Dems haven’t packed the courts - meaning they really don’t care about Roe V Wade, and this actually ties into a separate bipartisan issue.

A vegetable could have been President these past two years and nothing would have gone differently.
Well actually the Border Crisis would have been better or entirely avoided under a vegetable. And I mean literally a piece of Broccoli… or broccolini if you will.

No, they did. It’s easy to find stuff on this.

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I’m not clear on what precisely happened, so I’ll just post a couple of items:

Katherine Fung, " Democrats Boosting MAGA Candidates May Actually Pay Off," Newsweek, November 4, 2022

Here’s a link to a Washington Post article that seems to discuss the issue:

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The closest I found was $19 million for boosting already existing material. Another $1 billion was spent by outside groups pushing the same far right candidates.

That was just luck if you want to describe it like that. The first one had nothing to do with Trump and more to do with Mitch McConnell. The last one showed just how pathetic and hypocritical conservatives are when it comes to power.

Both are the result of the hardcore Christian nutters that have pushed their agenda on to everyone else. The same people that claim Trump is the chosen one. And fed that whole conspiracy that he was there to shut down an international child abuse ring. Meanwhile he was besties with the pedo guy and his aristocrat handler and it was rumored the Russians have video of him being peed on in a hotel in Russia. Plus there’s the whole allegation of the 13 year old which he’s never denied. And his public comments about how he loved going backstage at the junior miss America pageant because the girls (16 year olds) were so comfortable showing off their bodies.

*edited the typos in case anyone noticed

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aaaaaand we’re off.

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But see if someone somewhere spent money then it’s the Dems, or George Soros, or Antifa, or the communists. No sorry Obama. Definitely Obama.

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They’re champions at cherry picking and then drip feeding those tiny little bits that get emotional reactions.

Trump only cares about Trump. That’s the only reason why he’s announced.

Here’s hoping he gets charged. The world needs less people like Trump.

I think Elizabeth Warren would make a great President. And given about ten years Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

If Trump is re-elected left-wing Democrats will burn the country to the ground.

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If (politician of political party X) is elected then (party Y) will burn the country to the ground. (where party Y = the opposite party of party X)