be careful of her and be EVEN MORE CAREFUL OF HER MOM … 2003354310

Dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever read.

This can’t be far away:
“It can’t be rape yer honor. I didn’t come!”

Way to go Taiwan.
Just make sure those marijuana smokers are locked up for a good long time.

Me thinks the [color=red]envelopes[/color] were flying fast and furious.

This is a travesty.


14 months is certainly way too little. However …

It’s not clear to me that any crime involving someone’s arse (or other naughty bits) is automatically a sex crime. I guess it’s a difficult line to draw.

PS. “Anal attacker”. Hee hee.

they took photos? WTF? did they take them home and masturbate over them? that WOULD be a sex crime.

so if forced sodomy as a punishment is not a sex crime, then vaginal rape as a punishment (a la pakistan tribal ‘justice’) is ipso facto not a sex crime as well?

i hope they are ‘punished’ likewise in jail.

Owing to Taiwan’s system of allowing anybody who passes the judges and prosecutors exam in, you sometimes get 23-year-old judges with very little practical life experience. Obviously they found a judge who doesn’t know that there are definitely people in the world who enjoy watching people get foreign objects jammed up their caboose. (As highlighted in the HBO “Mind of a Married Man” episode in which the main character figures out that the woman gatekeeping them out of a fancy preschool moonlights on the website

hey, mfgr, that link doesn’t work?!?!?!?

You guys are Taiwanese newbies :stuck_out_tongue:

These guys have rented Wrecked 'Em one too many times.

Gross. Blehhhhh.

Doesn’t sodomy mean that there has to be some kind of sex or oral sex involved, though? Putting an object into somebody’s ass or vagina is not rape, even though it is certainly still a serious attack against the person.

What I want to know is what this guy did to the daughter. Does anybody know?