Watch T.V. From Around the World on Your Computer

It’s not really art, but it might entertain some.

That’s pretty cool.

Great link, thanks.

Like the German MTV channel without any moderating / advertising (so far at least …).

Edit: ok, they do show some ads from time to time but at least there are no annoying VJs.

thanks for the Link!!! Im happy with the music videos :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

if you use this site, can you post some good channels and their content please…:slight_smile:

I saw bloomberg tv, which was cool…but other than that…I’m stuck in the hell of inaction due to the paradox of choice…

I tried out the music channels, and liked the R&B and Rap content. It’s enough to get me feeling caught up on what’s out there…

Cool idea, but after going through the US list, I was very sad.

Wow! Very impressive indeed… I’m addicted now!

Pretty good. I can watch Reporting Scotland, which is just as ham-fisted and boring as I remember from home. Great! :laughing:

Good that you bring this site up again. I posted the many months ago with these tv links.

Good for those who want at least something from back home.