Watch Taiwan News online


Does anyone know where I can watch one of the news channels online. I think it’s a great way to study, watching the news, but so far, I’ve only found: … w_live.asp
and you have to pay for it


Heres a program link


Try the yam video news site at You can watch video clips from TVBS, TaiShi, and CTS.


PTS has a YouTube channel where you can watch the first five minutes of their evening news bulletin and some other selected programs.

#5 is a pretty good site with many Taiwanese news channel including TVBS, 三立 and 中天。


In case this information hasn’t been posted before, this site appears to have some news videos with transcripts:


I seen my dad watch taiwan news online so I know it’s possible, not sure the site

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I learned to speak Mandarin very much due to watching the news on TV as well as the help of my then girlfriend and also with people just generally around me

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