Watch tv over internet?

If anyone knows…

I was thinking about how to watch television over the internet, as opposed to getting a tv and taking up more space than I can spare.

I’d like to check out some sports from time to time mostly.

The stuff I tried to read about seem to be called TV tuners/adaptors?

And what I see at the stores here seem to indicate I need a TV at home that I’d run thru my PC, which seems kinda dumb. If one has a TV, why watch it on the computer…?

Anyway, I am wondering if anybody knows what I’m talking about, and can point me in the right direction.


you can stream tv over the net - but not always the channels you would like. check out for a bit of a flavour.

if you want to learn more just search “tv streams” on google - there is heaps of sh!t.

talk to someone in a computer store - you can do this. you’ll need some sort of switcher, and pay for cable.

You can buy a PC TV-card or box that hooks up to the cable TV connection and voila, you can have cable on your computer monitor, need to subscribe to your cable operator tho … a link to streaming tv worldwide