Watching Local News in English, Hey!

Hey there, I would like to know if any of you watch the English language TV news that comes from Taiwan. I dont mean CNN and BBC, but I mean the ones that the local stations produce. Which ones do you watch frequently? So far, Ive managed to find:

Formosa News at 11.43pm on channel 53
Inside Taiwan at 6am on 公視
English News at 6am on ctv (but this mainly shows stories from CNN or overseas)

Are there any others?

The CTV one is a joke.

FTV is pretty good.

Of the three you mentioned, I only watch Formosa News every once in a while if I happen to catch it. Didn’t even know the other two existed. Why do they put it on at such an ungodly hour? Formosa News has been running for as long as I can remember, though it used to be much longer (an hour?). Despite the green hue of FTV, I think the English news team do a pretty good job steering a middle course in their presentation of the stories, and Jinny Chang hasn’t aged one bit over the years it seems. I remember there was a thread on here about it several years ago.

Here you go. … =83&t=7322 Categorized under Arts & Entertainment, of course. :laughing:

hahah Mr Mindich and Ms Chang remind me of the news team from Family Guy. But seriously, I also like Formosa News as it tries to cover the day’s news in like 15 minutes.

Inside Taiwan has a detailed local and international news in English on MOD Channel 148 at 12pm noon. I really like the depth of the stories.

I’ve managed to find a youtube playlist but this playlist doesn’t show the whole show and it doesn’t really show the local portion of the news.

Also found a link that shows the entire 30 minute show but the shows seem to be a couple weeks old.

I wish I could find the whole news show on youtube or internet somewhere to watch at my convenience.

Ditto. Let us know if you find anything. My knowledge of Taiwan seems to mostly come from forumosa and RSS feeds and Michael Turton. The rare occasions I try to watch local news in Chinese it seems anti-informative, although maybe - maybe - it’d seem less idiotic if I understood it better. I guess part of the problem is I can only follow the idiotic sensationalist stuff with lots of images, whereas more thoughtful talking head stuff is far beyond my abilities.

I’ve found one internet location for “Inside Taiwan” by typing “macroview-tv-inside-taiwan-english-news-2017-01-01” with whatever date is desired. It lead me to

And the show from yesterday:宏觀英語新聞Macroview-TV《Inside-Taiwan》English-News-2017-01-01.html

Also, this one Forumosa News:

930am MOD Channel 149 (PTS)
12pm noon MOD Channel 148 (PTS 2)
930pm MOD Channel 148 (PTS 2)

Updated channels Nov 2017

930am MOD Channel 98 (PTS)
12pm noon MOD Channel 97 (PTS 2)
930pm MOD Channel 97 (PTS 2)

Only on MOD?

TV Channels with news in English as of DEC 2017

930am MOD Channel 13 (PTS)
12pm noon MOD Channel 97 (PTS 2)
930pm MOD Channel 97 (PTS 2)
1130pm MOD Channel 13 (PTS)

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TV Channels with news in English as of Jun 2018.

0600 MOD Channel 13 (PTS)
2145 MOD Channel 97 (PTS 2)
2345 MOD Channel 13 (PTS)

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Does anyone watch?

Really enjoy this news show in English.




I watch these two daily on TV and YouTube. Both local and international news in English. They deliver direct to my YouTube inbox or can search the station and sort by latest.

PNN (PTS) News Network (公視新聞網/Gōng shì xīnwén wǎng), (search YouTube for PTS English News)

Forumosa English News (民視英語新聞\Mín shì yīngyǔ xīnwén), (search YouTube for Forumosa English News)

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Forumosa English News


AFAIK, these two programs are the only locally produced English news on TV. What’s even more peculiar is that both shows are the same length and are aired at the same time! Do they think foreigners are most likely to watch TV between 11:40 and midnight every day?

As I know the foreigner like to stay up late and drinking wine.

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Shouldn’t the title be

Watching Local “News” in “English”, Hey?

930pm - 10pm daily MOD Channel 317, FTV Taiwan HD, 民視台灣台HD.

Current, topical, relevant, western style presentation. Good stuff.

Seems to be Taiwan wide news and no blurry pictures of scooter crashes.

Repeats at 3am.