Watching Taiwan- bought vcd/dvd in North America

Moving back, I have several vcd’s and dvd’s which I’ve bought here. Can they work in a North American bought dvd player? How about on a computer, or does it work differently?

VCDs are no problem. But you will need a region free player to play the DVDs (Taiwan=Region 3, North America=Region 1)

cheers…how about on a computer, or is it the same?

cheers…how about on a computer, or is it the same?[/quote]

You may be best off to take your Taiwan DVD player back home with you (or ship it).

For computers, I believe the region is usually set on the DVD player itself. You’re often given the option to set a different region a couple of times on your player before it’s made permanent (varies with each player).

There is software out there that will remove the region settings for your PC DVD player. There is also software available that will enable you to play the movies region-free or make a region-free copy of the DVD. I couldn’t speak to the legality of making a copy of your DVD for the purpose of watching it in another region. Since you have the original, I assume it would be okay.

Taiwan uses NTSC, so framerates and frame sizes are the same as in the US, too. But this doesn’t really matter a whole lot… might matter if you had fluorescent lights on hehe…

Also, a lot of DVD disks sold here in Taiwan are actually multi-region/region-free (believe it or not (And I don’t just mean dodgy ones)).

I found a neat tool for watching multi-region dvds on your pc without any new hardware…

There are two choices…
I have found some toys that you might like to try to help ease these difficulties.

Remote Selector (google it) can be downloaded and run before you play the DVD you want. I’ve installed it in XP and 98SE and run it with both WinDVD and PowerDVD. I tested it with Region 1 and Region 3 DVDs and it seems to work just fine. Seems to be quite legal.

#2 works beautifully if you can get used to the weird interface.