Watching TV lying on the sofa = bad for the eyes?

My wife keeps on telling me, that watching TV while resting on the sofa, lying sideways makes bad eyes. She even teaches our son to always sit upright when watching TV.

I know that TV watching in general is bad for the eyes, but is there an impact if you look at it from a different position? I guess it could impact the balance between two eyes, but assuming you change position (left/right) this wouldn’t be the case. I never heard of this argument in the western world and with around 30 years on sofa TV watching I still have good eyes!

Is does anybody have heard of this and maybe has some sources to read or is this just one of the Taiwanese locally grown assumptions?

You’re married to a Taiwanese woman? Better get used to hearing all sorts of wacky admonitions regarding health.

No, watching TV lying down does not hurt you. Your brain automatically compensates for the angle.