Water delivery service

What are some good companies to choose and what kind of rates will they have. This service is availible here, correct?

We use “bulaolin” never had a problem, but haven’t really used anyone else to compare. one of those big blue plastic jars of distilled is 80 NT. 22697722

I pay $52/big-blue-bottle through Apollo; it was a deal I secured indirectly through a local school that ordered bulk supplies of water. Basically, my account number was linked to the school’s. Even after the school went to another supplier, I was able to continue with Apollo.

No problems with the quality… it looks like water… tastes like water… so I guess it is water :wink:

Here’s the phone number: 02 2627 6515

I don’t know if you’d be able to get the same deal, but asking a local school might still work!


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