Water rationing 2021


Save water, drink beer.


Oh, that’s bad…

Gonna be some smelly people.

People will just save up their water on the days they have it and use it on the days they don’t.


I cannot save more than 250L/person/day water at home.

Yeah but it’ll reduce shower times at least. Girls here frequently shower for as long as thirty minutes.

Even better would be if we switch to mandi style bathing.

Will taipei have a shutdown of water :sweat_drops: :droplet: :shower:?

We are sending truckloads of water down South.

So no.

Taipei also pays way less for water than the rest of Taiwan.

Dragon Sky City yo.

Car washing is still allowed, thank goodness.

Like there aren’t already… :nauseated_face:


Yeah, if I owned a deodorant company in Taiwan I’d give out free samples at senior high school gates.


Except, the people who need it, don’t think there’s a problem.

With that face I would be surprised if you didn’t smell!

Just have to hang on for about another month for the Plum Rains.

They say if the plum rains are not enough then Chiayi, Tainan and a whole bunch other places will go on restrictions.

Short of that, one early Typhoon should fix things. Though that would probably result in Collateral Damage.

please god no!

If we get typhoons this year…


Yeah, like the Aussies praying for rain to kill the mice. They got what they asked for…and then some.