Water rationing 2021

well things like this but no sign of improving the quality (quantity and safety) of the water… Guess most is anyhow about leakage and inefficient usage of water, plus no real plan on what to do except cutting water supply for 2 days.
The main thing with cutting the water supply is likely that people think about how much water they use - and try to reduce it in general for a couple of weeks…

Seems like this year it’s worse than in 2015, isn’t it? I’ll go to Carrefour now and see if I can still get some big buckets and some more 6l water canisters before things get sold out…

They have a plan but I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it works out:

20 nuclear power plants with desalination units.

Solves every major problem except food imports.

yeah - only thing with that plan is that it’s more of the same mainly…
It has loads of rain here so really shouldn’t be a problem in first place… I mean there are quite a few things I don’t understand.

Having diesel powered ships with tourist on a main water reservoir (sun moon lake) is not gonna make sure the water quality does well… Leaking pipes and so on. Then people need to install tanks on their roofs because water supply is shaky, buying water or installing equipment to make sure the water is safe to drink, and so on. Lot’s of money wasted instead of a proper management. Feels a bit 3rd worldly… While in general I feel Taiwan is quite efficiently managed.

Nuclear power plants are the best way to dump money in a country with abundant sunshine (except in the North)… Solar power should be way way more common here. Prices for kw from solar power have become so cheap even in countries far further North than Taiwan they are much cheaper than any other source…


Here in my south (高雄) seems ok and does Ping Tung from that chart and news. Seems not so much South as Centre.

No room for all of it and it would require huge battery facilities to store power. Solar as the primary energy source is a pipe dream. Plus it doesn’t provide the heat needed for industrial use.

Let me quote a sign my dad made back during the drought of '76: “Flush for poo, not for pee.”

If it’s brown, flush it down. If it’s yellow, let it mellow.


Not yet but it depends on the plum rains. Reserves are low down South.

A McDonald’s Taoyuan this morning would not serve any drinks that required water like Coke, coffee, etc.

They gave me a milk cartoon with my Number 13 breakfast meal.

Wow. No boat rides.

I see your Massive Attack - pray for rain, and raise you a Cure - Prayers for rain.


Have you ever seen the rain?

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Much better

Miaoli and Taichung schools cutting off water completely 2 days a week.

I prefer to piss in a bottle and then pour it in the garden or surrounding fields (I live out in the sticks).

This wouldn’t always be a convenient option for urban apartment dwellers, though there are often parks and such for disposal.

The trouble with yellow mellow is it stinks, and you still need to flush it eventually.

What’s up with the water trucks in Taipei
roaming around spraying water on the roads.

I’ve seen two of them today already just going down the lane with water jets spraying out under the front of the truck

It seems no water shortage in Taipei, Tainan and Pingtung and few other cities . Worst is central Taiwan. “Tainan’s Wushantou and Nanhua reservoirs are currently 49 and 47 percent full.”

Taichung, water to be shut off east of freeway 2 days a week, west of freeway 2 other days a week.

So visit a friend, wash your car, refill your water bottle on the other side of the freeway 2 days a week.