Water rationing 2021

Just piss outside.

,Inconvenient. Might be illegal. Barbarian foreigner confirmation.

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Sun Moon Desert. Wow, that is incredible. My wife says that people picked up all the garbage that had accumulated on the lake bed. Found am iphone in a case…still worked. ha


Plus Winze On The Willie

More international attention on the drought

Perceptive quote

Lee Hong-yuan, a hydraulic engineering professor who previously served as Taiwan’s interior minister, also blames a bureaucratic morass that makes it hard to build new wastewater recycling plants and to modernize the pipeline network.

“Other small countries are all extremely flexible,” Mr. Lee said, but “we have a big country’s operating logic.” He believes this is because Taiwan’s government was set up decades ago, after the Chinese civil war, with the goal of ruling the whole of China. It has since shed that ambition, but not the bureaucracy.

Nice pics too

They might regret that. You can’t eat chips…

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Wow. Been there a few times over the last couple decades.
The last time about 7 years ago.
On south part of lake, but since built up into a spot with all kinds of eating and drinking places.
Wouldn’t be surprised if some Taiwanese business suddenly opened up with riding ATVs on the lake bed. There’s a business for everything, even in a drought with a dry lake bed.
Nice to hear they cleaned it up of trash. What a lucky find on the iPhone.
Wonder if they tried to return to original owner, like typical Taiwanese try to do.

Link says so