Water slide park in Bali, Taiwan

I heard someone mention there’s a waterslide park in Pali (or is that Bali) opposite Danshui. Anyone know how to get there?

Funny you should mention that - I spent the whole day there yesterday. $590NT for adults, $490NT for kids. It’s easy to get to - you can head up to Danshui, and then cross the river at the Guandu Bridge. Take Highway 103 (motorcycle friendly) all the way there. The park used to be called Baxian Leyuan (Formosa Waterworld), but is now called Baxian Hai’An (Formosa Funcoast). The park is getting a little rundown - the last time I went there it had just opened - I think it was 1989 - but we still had fun nonethless. The waterslides are pretty good, and after a day in the blazing hot sun running up and down the stairs there, we were all pretty pooped. My 13 year-old brother in-law had a great time. Me, I woke up with a pretty stiff back this morning.

Here’s their website.

Thanks Maoman! A great source of knowledge as usual. Now…if I was to go by public transport should I go to Kuandu on the MRT then take a taxi across or is it better to go to Tamshui and then take the boat (I have no idea where to catch the boat but I’ve heard one exists).

The waterpark sound like a good place to go to with my 10 year old niece. Is there also a kids’ pool for the small ones?

[quote=“SAMC”]The waterpark sound like a good place to go to with my 10 year old niece. Is there also a kids’ pool for the small ones?
Thanks! SAMC[/quote]
Yes, there are several kiddie-appropriate pools. Be sure to go on a weekday, though. Now that school’s out, every day will be busy, but weekends will be insane, I’m sure. You don’t want to spend the whole day waiting in line… :wink:

if you take the boat you’ll still need a taxi from the ferry terminal on the bali side…but there’d be a nice synergy to the trip…plus you could call in at the shisanhang musuem too…but dont even think about taking the ferry at the weekend…huge queues…i’m pretty sure there’s actually a bus from bei men (north gate) that goes to the park but i dont have any details

edit: just noticed as passing thru tamsui MRT station a big ad for 8xian…they run a shuttle bus from guandu mrt station so there ya go…

Is it possible to go from Taoyuan city to Bali(Is this the Formosa Water Park) on a scooter.

How long will this take and which road must you take.
Do you think it is a good idea to visit on a Sunday during the summer vacation.(I know this is a stupid question and I already know the answer,but make me feel better please.

Summer is when it is open and when all the babes are there. OK? Feel stupid now?

What a great place.Went with scooter from Taoyuan city.Took me 3 hours to get there and 50 min back.

I had a great time and will go again.

The Easiest way to get to BaShien Water Park by public transportation is to get off the MRT at Kuandu Station and get on either the R13 or R22, both buses stop at the Water Park and it does not take to long. Ahhh, the joys of summer.

Anyone been here recently?
If it was getting run down 5 years ago, how is it now?