I have been sleeping on a waterbed for at least 20 years (wow - I just realized that!) and plan on bringing mine to Taiwan. Now, here’s the rub: The way you fill one here in the States, is you take a garden hose and hook it up with an adapter to your kitchen sink. Has anyone a clue as to whether the sinks over there have remotely the same threads as the sinks over here?

I suppose I could rig something with lots of duct tape…



Probably the highest chance of connecting it without duct tape is using the tap from the washing machine - if available. They have an adapter for a hose. Just needs to be long enough …


A garden hose here is v. cheap and comes with the correct adapter. They sometimes come with a variety of adapters, as there is no “standard kitchen faucet”.

I believe they also carry various adapters at B&Q.


If you are really worried - bring it already filled


Ah, I was going to actually bring a garden hose… maybe I will buy it there, if it’s “standard”.

Rian, you, by far, have the best suggestion. My movers will thank you.