Watermelon slices dipped in wasabi and soy sauce

Watermelon slices dipped in wasabi and soy sauce?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine in Keelung told me of some local folk who eat watermelon dipped in soy sauce with wasabi? Can this be true?

I heard of sliced tomatoes dipped in a sweet ginger sauce, famous Taiwanese dish down south and everywhere now, about NT$30 per dish, but this watermelon and wasabi thing sounds impossible. Anyone ever try it?

I’ve had the white-green part of the watermelon (not the rind) sliced, soaked in brine, then served with soy sauce and wasabi. Sort of like a pickled cucumber. Not bad at all.

Why not just skip the watermelon and dip your fingers in wassabi and soy sauce?

Watemelon with that dip sounds bad, but I LUUUUVE how Taiwanese seafood places serve a big platter of boiled shrimp with wasabi & soy sauce. In fact I’ve introduced my family back home to the practice and I can’t imagine going back to a tomato-style cocktail sauce instead.

And, I went out for shabu shabu yesterday and one of us ordered a platter of assorted mushrooms that were very tasty in wasabi/soy sauce.

While we are on the topic of wasabi. I was at a Japanese restaurant in Australia and they were very upset about mixing the soysauce and wasabi.

Is mixing soy and wasabi in a little dish is a Taiwanese variation on the Japanese system?

I quite like mixing it and the idea of applying wasabi to sashimi (or watermelon?) directly then dipping it in soy sauce seems a backward step.

They do that here in Korea, but the soy sauce here always seems too salty. It was good the couple of times I had it in Taiwan, but someone else mixed it.

You can also try mixing wasabi in ketchup with a few drops of lemon juice. (Hmmmmmmm, I am missing the days that I used to use ketchup…)