Waterproof Gore-Tex socks

has anyone tried / bought / worn gore-tex socks for outdoor activities? I’m thinking a water and windproof sock that keeps your feet dry even though your shoe might be wet. Plenty of uses, especially here in the wet winters.

something like this:


I would wonder how waterproof and breathable they in fact are…

One of the hikers on the Batongguan had them, along with lightweight low top Salomon hikers, and he did just as well as those with big Goretex /leather German hiking boots. In fact, at camp, he could just slip off his shoes and walk about with the socks as slippers. He raved about how great they were and how dry his feet were. I am not sure where he bought them, but it would be worth asking at the gear stores here on the island before coughing up the expense of ordering online. You never know.

They don’t last very long. I carry a pair of neoprine socks when out hiking in bad weather in winter and wear them over thinner wool socks. Unless you are up in the high mountains though wet feet aren’t much of an issue.