WC 2006 poll

who’s gonna win WC 2006?

  • holland
  • brazil
  • argentina
  • england
  • germany
  • italy
  • czech rep.
  • france
  • usa
  • serbia & montenegro
  • ivory coast
  • japan
  • croatia
  • switzerland
  • other (ukraine)
  • angola
  • australia
  • costa rica
  • ecuador
  • spain
  • ghana
  • iran
  • south korea
  • saudi arabia
  • mexico
  • paraguay
  • poland
  • portugal
  • sweden
  • togo
  • trinidad and tobago
  • tunisia

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let’s see what the masses think. pick your side to win it all!

vote other and say who.

(btw - i only included a partial listing of sides due to the limited number of options available. please no disparaging remarks from togoians for not including your team. best of luck to all!)

I am calling on all the Dutch in Taiwan to paint this country orange!!! and if we win, we raise the Dutch flag once more at An Ping Castle!! Hup Holland!

How many choices do you need in total?
Maybe we can help :wink:

32 would be nice - one for each country.

love to see a full poll with lotsa voting!

[quote=“xtrain”]32 would be nice - one for each country.

love to see a full poll with lotsa voting![/quote]ok, try now :slight_smile:

thx, but do i need to redo ( as in repost) the poll now, as there is no edit feature for polls?

Oranje all the way! Been supporting the Dutch since 1990 as my best friend who got me addicted from high school was Dutch.

Preferably we can knock out Brazil along the way since they’ve knocked us out of the past 2 World Cups, ah revenge :smiling_imp: . I also hope Van Basten has been working on penalty kicks too, I don’t think there’s a worse penalty taking nation in Europe than the Dutch. Euro 92 - out on penalties to Denmark, Euro 96 - out on penalties to France, WC 98 - out on penalties to Brazil, Euro 2000 - out on penalties to Italy.

Australia is about to humiliate the soccer world. Mark my words.


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Australia is about to humiliate the soccer world. Mark my words.

Sorry, HG, but have you actually checked to see who you’re in the group with?


I thought this was going to be a poll about wash rooms… :stuck_out_tongue:

où est le WC? :laughing:

I have both my Dutch and Croatian football t-shirts ready. Depending on how the championship develops…

Hey, did anyone hear a story about wives of Dutch football fanatics getting organized in protest against their husband’s expected behavior during the WC? I haven’t been able to find the news myself, but a Taiwanese friend read it to me this morning out of Apple Daily. Apparently, they threaten not to cook or do their husbands’ laundry, etc… :laughing:

Croatians? We got one of them, the Socceroo’s captain is Mark Viduka. He should be a good asset as long as he doesn’t start up with that Nazi/Ustasha saluting nonesense*. I dare say the Germans simply will refuse to wear that.

I haven’t checked the line up, I’ll just watch them fall (I’m not serious).


  • Edit: Ooops! That was Bosnich, not Viduka. :blush:

Togo it must be as Belgium is not participating…
Power to the underdog!

Yeah, children of immigrants are often weird that way. When he comes to Croatia and starts that bs, people go: “:loco: That boy should watch less WWII movies and read more Harry Potter!”

xtrain, you have posted an extensive poll and for the sake of space and so forth you could have shortened this list considerably, there are certain certainties in life and the fact that Iran and the likes of it won’t won the WC is one of them. :wink:
Brazil is definitly the strongest possibility, they have experience, confidence and excellent skills with this 2006 team. So, I voted for them.
Germany however has home advantage and the last time they had it…they won, if memory serves well, 1974 against the Deutch was it? I enjoyed watched them play a couple of days ago against Luxembourg 7-0, not a strong opponent, but some good football and techniques.
Argentina could be a surprise if they play like at the confederation cup last year.
France doesn’t really have a chance, too much friction within the team.
Spain, Italy? no can’t do.
England has some really bad luck, plus beaten by Belarus 2-1 isn’t a good sign even for a friendly.
Surprises? yes, sure there will be some but I don’t anticipate huge ones.

Igorveni, we were just about to become Friends! Assume you just overlooked another favourite and I do not take it personal this time. Anyway, I have voted now!

man, there 3 dutch living in taiwan. :smiley: :raspberry: :bravo:

2 and a half, actually.

We need an “I don’t care” option in the poll.

Huang Guang Chen,

We have several players of Croatian descent on the Australian team, not only Mark Viduka.
Zeljko Kalac, Jason Culina, Josip Skoko and Ante Covic are all of Croatian descent. Mile Sterjovski is of Macedonian descent and Vince Grella, Marco Bresciano and John Aloisi are all of Italian descent. Mark Schwarzer (Germany) and Stan Lazaridis (Greece) All I can say is thank god we have so many European immigrants in Australia otherwise we would be a very ordinary football team.