WCIF 14/2 wire with ground

Where can I find 14/2 with ground wiring like Romex? Can only find 2 wire cables on shopee and local stores.

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No luck at Holla?

I’ve heard many local electrician/plumber operations also sell miscellaneous DIY items. It came up in class, but look for

水電 - Shuǐ diàn on Google maps. That should at least get you in the right direction.

Ok will try that. I have always looked for 五金. But I guess 水電 would be more appropriate.

Worst case could just pull a separate ground wire at the same time? :person_shrugging:

Do you mean Romex wire with the third ground? They do not exist in Taiwan… sorry.

Which is why no plug with grounds are connected. The necessary wire for it does not exist.

Best you can try is use those 3 conductor wire intended for 3 phase, one with the red, black, and white wire.

Or another alternative is zip tie an extra wire to it. I do it with 3 phase motors anyways because the 2 wire cable is what I happen to have.

Or Taobao.

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