WCIF 3rd Season of Heroes (current season, e01-13)?

Yes, I know they are not on DVD yet. Yes, I know there is bittorrent for obtaining TV shows, but my connectivity sucks and I need them kinda urgently. I had all of the episodes and deleted them from my laptop, but I would like to re-obtain them again for a friend who I will be seeing later this week. Please send me an email at scmypantsottty820@gmail.com (take off mypants, har-dee-har) if you think you can help. Cheers!

You only think they’re not on DVD yet.

Nothing quite like a Chinese copy.
Actually the Chinese made sets are usually passable.

Wow. That does look good. The problem is though, that it says the complete season, but the next episode just came out this week. Thanks for the link, though. I will have to look it up.