WCIF a coin laundry (laundromat) in or near Sanchong?

wcif laundry services for dry cleaning.im from chongxing section

Are you asking for the location of a coin laundry IN Sanchong? “All new Taipei and Taipei City” seems like too large an area for the answers to be useful.

yes. am asking for the location of laundry services self in sanchong. and all the new taipei city and taipe city as well. does forumosa have a list of self laundry services of all the cities so that i can contribute to those who are need for the information as well. i also need it too. thanks for replying

is this the right post. can you tell me if where can i post from the forum like - finding laundry services.water station. groceries. can i post a forum about where to find, what to find, i need it really bad because i dont know how to search them online. thanks for replying again with my topic. :wink:

Hi chanephraim, threads for finding something like a coin laundry, shoe repair etc. are usually district-specific, since such services are common, and people normally don’t want to travel a long way for it. Thus, it makes most sense to retitle this thread something “WCIF a coin laundry (laundromat) in or near Sanchong?” There are already threads on this topic for some other areas, which you can find using the search function on this website – just enter the key word, select the WCIF forum and any other forum that might be relevant (like Food), choose to search thread titles, and return results as threads (topics) for best results.

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Grocery stores are everywhere. If you’re looking for a particular category, like Indian food ingredients, or a particular item like sour cream, there are generally already threads on each in the Food forum area, so have a look. If you still don’t find one, feel free to post a thread, and I’ll merge or retitle for you if needed. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can be of further assistance. :slight_smile:

There’s one outside exist 2 of the Wanlung MRT station and another just along the street form the Chichang MRT station.

They are EVERYWHERE in Sanchong. Just walk around aimlessly until you find one. Sanchong is pretty big (and maze-y) too, so asking a blanket question like that is a little vague. Near my apartment I can think of 3 self-service laundromats. Trick with finding laundromats: they are never located on main roads because the rent is too expensive. They are also never located on small lanes because nobody will find them. You need to look on medium-traffic roads or the lanes that are short and connect 2 main roads together.