WCIF a delicious banana split? (GTA)

As the title says.
Any good place in Taipei/New Taipei?

Home DIY.

Everything you need can be had at Carrefour, PXmart, or RTmart.

Pro tip…
Want an over the top split?
Fry your bananas in a bit of butter, brown sugar, and rum. Then use them to assemble your split. Drizzle the leftover reduced sauce over the top.
bananas flambe split


I wish I was that talented in the kitchen.
I just want to have a good one for a Sunday afternoon.

I thought about that for a long time after watching the Irishman last year. I never figured it out. I agree with @SuiGeneris (I’m glad I finally can say that, ha ha.)

C’mon man! Time to get into the kitchen. Actually cooking with rum may not be the best first thing to try cooking :slight_smile:

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It’s called a Banana Boat香蕉船 in Chinese if you’re asking ice cream shops.

Yes. I admit that upon finding this on Wikipedia… I laughed out loud at the name.

United Front Daily News seems to think they found one at Bresler’s in Taipei.

Urban Savour suggests going to Swensen’s

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Have you tried any?

I have not. I haven’t had one in years. Swensen’s is always the place that I look at and think… ‘Yeahhh that looks like a good place to go with friends for a Kelsey’s type experience’ and then forget about because when I want to do it, I’m by myself and can’t justify spending $500 on a meal.

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I think Swenson’s is gone.


I’m waiting for @afterspivak to jump in and recommend one with Latvian ice cream…

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The Latvian ship seems to have sailed.

Perhaps this is for the best. :rofl:


This sounds like some kind of coded signal


And that coded signal is: thank god for the sake of my health! :slightly_smiling_face:



They are still around. Haven’t been to one in over a decade.

Poor man’s split would be the new banana pie at McDonald’s topped with their soft serve ice cream.


Not in Sanxia it hasn’t. The Latvian ship is still docked at my local 7-11.
(for now…knock on wood)


Hmm, I will have to go! The ones in Tienmu and Renai circle died, I thought that was it.

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I thought so too.

If you go, please report back your experience and if it was worth it.


It’s on the 7th floor or something. First floor is McDonalds. There’s also a Ruth’s Chris in the building. The food is pretty bad for the price. It’s entirely frozen food that they heat up in probably a microwave and don’t even try to make look better.

The ice cream makes up for it. You can probably go just for the ice cream. Not sure what a minimum purchase requirement might be, but probably one dish/person or a coffee would be enough. The drinks aren’t horribly priced, if I remember correctly



I see what you did there :wink:

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Dunhua North Rd! SO and I ended up wandering there one day when I was trying to meet him at IKEA, passed it, and ended up around the airport, lol.

But then you get nasty ice cream or pay a small fortune for it.