WCIF a hot water bottle?

Something like this.

bmstores.co.uk/images/hpcPro … ttle-3.jpg

I think you can buy them in those shops that sell wheelchairs and other “old people’s stuff” outside the big hospitals.

Saw them in Working House too, but maybe only available in the winter.

I didn’t find exactly what I wanted, but I found a fillable “hot/cold bag” at the “Creative Hands Tailung” store in Sogo Fuxing. It’s not rubber, but can hold up to 70 degrees C and does what I want, treat bruises.

go to local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. tell them you want the “old school” hot water bottle.
i just bought one last fall, think it was about 150-200NTD. had to check like 3 shops to get the right one, some shows you the pvc kind for the new market target…
they make these a size smaller than they were back in the days, but still awesome.

good luck