WCIF a lawyer who would deal with Death Threats, Livestreaming, Commercial Liens etc?

I have a couple of cases I’d like to start this Autumn. I’d prefer to go the commercial law route. That is to say, I’d like to put a lien on someone’s property.

One case is rock solid. The second is harder to prove.

I have many emails to prove the following case:

I had a local ‘friend’ who I lent some money to. A tiny amount, 3000TWD. Yes, I know, nothing. I’d like to come after him for that, and then damages because of multiple death and violence threats. I have a six page document, and literally hundreds of email rants.

When I asked him to pay the money back, he sent all sorts of weird emails. All of them are stored in gmail.

He also admitted he owed me money on emails many times.


  1. 再見面時。就是我看著斷頭臺上行刑。

Zài jiànmiàn shí. Jiùshì wǒ kànzhe duàntóutái shàng xíngxíng.

When we meet again, it’s me watching the guillotine perform torture.

  1. 你的血可以用來祭拜上帝

Nǐ de xuè kěyǐ yòng lái jì bài shàngdì

Your blood can be used to worship God.

  1. 哈哈大笑?!花用你的錢!我花得好爽快。

Hāhā dà xiào?! Huā yòng nǐ de qián! Wǒ huā dé hǎo shuǎngkuài.
Yi1 máo dōu bù huì gěi nǐ, hāhā dà xiào

Haha laughing, I will use your money. Won’t give you one Mao. Laughing.

  1. 不再有mercy!你百分之百是敵人,並且中國人的歷史仇恨。必須由英國佬的血債血還。

Bù zài yǒu mercy! Nǐ bǎifēnzhībǎi shì dírén, bìngqiě zhōngguó rén de lìshǐ chóuhèn. Bìxū yóu yīngguó lǎo de xuèzhài xuè hái.

No more mercy! You are 100% the enemy and the historical hatred of the Chinese. It must be paid by the blood of the British.


This is a tiny sample of the mails I received. I can easily make a case that he’s an unhinged, fanatical lunatic.

I’d like to find a lawyer who could advise on a case like this. Especially one who understood liens, tacit consent and commercial law.

That’s the first case. Solid evidence of death and violent threats. Hopefully I can get some damages. The threats didn’t bother me at the time, as I’m used to things like that, but I figure this guy better pay up.

A lawyer in the Nangang area would be especially useful.

Any advice welcome.

Here you go! This is my lawyer and he speaks English fluently.

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Thank you Sir.

Im guessing you recommend him highly?

Does he know about commercial law, liens etc?


Yep! Deals with that stuff all the time.

And the weird emails is definitely criminal. I’ve used him before for services. I don’t benefit directly from recommendations, but because of bringing business, he lets me waste time asking questions, often to result in me bringing back such knowledge to the forums. Sometimes I ask him before making posts.


Interesting. Are you able to tell me anything about the payment structure?

I will discuss rates with him, but I wondered what’s normal in cases like this.

Im looking for a lawyer to help me perfect and serve a commercial lien on a private individual, and some companies.

Are there different payment structures available?

If you don’t know, that’s alright.

I already have the liens written up, for some of the companies involved.

The second case involves Special Needs Institutes, Heeren Loo, Kriss Kross, The Dutchman, Steve of Hongshulin and The Covert Livestreaming Industry. Those words will either make sense to you, or not. If you can touch a case like that, please let me know.

A lawyer in the Nangang area would be especially useful.

The loan-thief’s rantings are highly entertaining.
I would probably laugh if someone sent me those emails.

Sorry, didn’t mean to make light of your situation…

Probably a cultural thing.

I just wonder where he is going to get a guillotine? COSTCO?

“When we meet again, it’s me watching the guillotine perform torture.”
“Your blood can be used to worship God.”
“No more mercy! You are 100% the enemy and the historical hatred of the Chinese. It must be paid by the blood of the British.”

Anyway, best of luck with this.

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That was one reason I let it go on for a year. Cos he’s the funniest guy on the planet. Some of his emails made me double over laughing. He also has excellent Chinese… I would sometimes use his threats to improve my mandarin grammar and vocabulary.

Regarding the guillotine, I think I emailed him asking for more details: where he’d buy it at short notice. Would he be buying, or renting it, etc.

I will share some more another day. That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

But the fact is, even though he’s a comedy genius, he still broke the law, and he’s got to pay up.

He’s 50 years old, been bullying people all his life. Comes from a rich family. has a LOT of enemies, who haven’t been able to nail him, until now.

And he’s not the kind of guy who’d be able to pull strings with the judges. He is out of favour in those circles, to put it very mildly.

It’s time he pays the piper.


This looks interesting too:

Getting legal advice on this seems like a good idea. And although it doesn’t sound like you’re at much risk of being ritually sacrificed, make sure you’re not exposing yourself to more petty forms of vengeance

The idea of a guillotine isle at Costco amused me also. I wouldn’t mind acquiring a child-size guillotine for classroom use (I wouldn’t actually use it - too messy - but just having it stand in the corner would boost morale no end)

Yeah, I’d be curious to watch this trial. Sounds like the type of guy who would defend himself and threaten the judge :joy: :joy: :joy:

I actually took the “your blood can be used to worship God.” as an extreme compliment. I mean… Can you think of a more flattering concept? They’d go to all that trouble. Bowls, stone table, etc. And the fact that their God would actually like it…

He’s actually a puppy dog face-to-face. Wouldn’t dare say anything like that.

He’s threatened to come to Danshui to find me and “Show me the power of Chinese Kung Fu” a month or so ago. There’s no way he’d really do it.

I blocked his emails 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing.

I have tons of stories and funny emails that I’ll share here later.

I won’t provoke him. I’ll go through a lawyer, and just see what I can get.

Im not even annoyed. I just want cash-money.

This might go to court, but a lien is another method. Liens don’t even go to the courtroom. I’ll post more info tomorrow.

Here’s some more:

I drink beer myself at Taipei Railway Station, and historical hatred must be revenge.







I will give you 2500 yuan.

God displeases pagans, God tolerates pagans

Please don’t talk about Buddha, can you? Don’t talk about Buddha, can you please don’t talk about Buddha, can you?

You don’t have hatred, you have compassion. Leo’s hatred

Remember all your disrespect and insults.
I will pay you back a hundredfold for the Chinese.

You play with fire on my head and you will burn yourself out.

You will find that the plane you are flying will crash.

You have evil spirits inside of you. You belong to satan.

我從未向你借什麼東西。是你自己送給我的。我並沒有向你借。I never borrowed anything from you.

Nǐ huì fāxiàn nǐ chéng zài de fēijī huì zhuì jī

Nǐ de nèixīn yǒu xié líng. Nǐ shǔyú sādàn.

wǒ cóng wèi xiàng nǐ jiè shénme dōngxī. Shì nǐ zìjǐ sòng gěi wǒ de. Wǒ bìng méiyǒu xiàng nǐ jiè.




Gàn nǐ mā, nǐ de liángxīn bèi gǒu chī diàole. Nǐ bù dǒng gǎn’ēn!
Gàn nǐ bà de
shàngdì yīdìng bàoyìng nǐ zhè èrén
gàn nǐ mā de.
Làngfèi wǒ de shíjiān
nǐ gǒu yǎnkàn rén dī
sǐ báizhǒng rén
nǐ de lǎo èr gěi gǒu chī diàole, méi zhǒng de báirén.

Hāhā dà xiào?! Huā yòng nǐ de qián! Wǒ huā dé hǎo shuǎngkuài.
Yi1 máo dōu bù huì gěi nǐ, hāhā dà xiào

This guy is enigmatic, charismatic, psychotic.
Perhaps a genius or just totally mental.
He could quite possibly develop a cult following after this thread…

“I drink beer myself at Taipei Railway Station, and historical hatred must be revenge.”
“God displeases pagans, God tolerates pagans”
“You don’t have hatred, you have compassion. Leo’s hatred”

Be careful with people so mentally challenged. I wouldnt go anywhere alone with him in the dark…


Looks like the lyrics to a really dark song. Which part would be the chorus?

You could be onto something here @flatlandr - some of his rantings sound like lines right out of Black Sabbath!

Nangang and Zhongshan are practically beside each other. Email him first.

Last one was scary letter. It’s always cheaper than court.

$11000. Though he might discount if you mention me.

Court is more expensive. I think I was quoted $60000.

Email him and talk cause all situations are unique.