WCIF a Lutheran (or Episcopal) minister in Zhongli?

I am currently on the outlook for a Lutheran, episcopal or similar minister in Zhongli. I will hopefully need his his or hers services late October.

I could go up to the good shepherd, I guess, however it’s a bit far away, and there might be a few of us.

What do those episcopal dudes get up to? I was supposedly born into the Scots Episcopal lot, but I 'aint never been to church and have no idea what they are, apart from god-type people.

My grandparents were those, although my nan was born a Cafflick. Scots ones are basically Anglicans, 'cept the churches aren’t as plush. Buttocks on uncushioned, wooden pews in January in a stone hut, is what it is, in a corporeal sense, sands. I was a bit young to get to grips with the theological stuff.

Lutherans are a bit different, although we ain’t talking about anything major. Luther-instigated proddyism, rather than Henry VIII’s beefs with the mother church. Ahem.

Edit Sorry, no info, OP, just answering sandman’s Q. Good luck in finding someone.

What? A Universal Life Church minister ain’t good enough for ya? I’m one, you know. :bow: Blessings on you all!

Seriously, the only Lutheran church I know of is the one across from the south end of Da-an Park in Taipei.

Here’s a listing from the Taiwan Lutheran site:
Lín Xióngjiān (林雄堅), minister
Zhōnglì Zhēnlǐ Táng (Zhongli Truth Hall)
50 Fu’an 2nd St.
tel. (03) 461-6505
e-mail: hclin121@ms62.hinet.net

Thank you!

And here’s the Anglican / Episcopal equivalent:

episcopalchurch.org/taiwan_1 … =menu18858

(The schism hasn’t reached here yet, so you may get a female or homo-lover.)

In answer to Sandman, Episcopalianism is a liturgical tradition with dress-wearing priests, bishops (hence the name), and the eucharist (not always every week, though). You can expect organ-music, hymn-singing, and all the usual trimmings.

Some Episcopalians identifty with the Protestant Reformation (think C.S. Lewis), others are more similar to Catholic tradition (though the Catholics don’t think so), and a few are borderline atheists (think John Spong). There are even a few charismatics out there somewhere. Recent political controversies have surrounded the prayerbook (the newer one was gender-neutral), whether women can be priests or bishops, and whether priests or bishops can be gay and/or gay-married.

On the wild side, one priest(ess) converted to Islam without quitting (she was defrocked), another got caught also being a druid priest (also defrocked), and a bishop-candidate attracted attention for also being a Zen practitioner (no idea how that turned out). In San Francisco there is even a “Taoist-Episcopal Church.”

Kaohsiung Lutheran Mission

My Uncle was an Episcopal Priest. He’s retired. My best friend is Episcopalian. We used to go to midnight mass on Christmas just to hear the pipe organ at Trinity. That was about the only time they used the trumpet pipes. It sounded real cool if you got really stoned and sat in the balcony.