WCIF a market place for electronic gadgets?

Hi everyone,
I got tired of the shopping markets of nothing but clothing everywhere… so I would like to find an area in Taipei that is full of electronic gadgets that I cant find in the USA.
Thank you.

Have you been to Guanghua Market yet, close to Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT (presuming you live in Taipei)?

Yes I meant Taipei. thank you

Yes I meant Taipei. thank you[/quote]
So does that mean you’ve been there or not been there? (just checking, don’t mean to be rude)

The only thing I saw at Guanghua that is not available in the U.S. is the very realistic looking BB guns, which I now notice at hobby shops all over Taipei.

I see more junky toys at the night market that make me go, “Wow! Never seen one of those before!”

I don’t think I’ve seen many “electronic gadgets that I cant find in the USA” unless you mean unlocked iPhones and video consoles… the variety is better in other places like US due to the strong demand by large markets with lots of money to spend unlike the weak demand by small market with little money wanting to spend in Taiwan.

Tango42, you forgot to mention about the cartels that control the movement of goods in said market very much alive in Taiwan.

Would Nova by Taipei Main Station count? I would also be interested to find more places like this

Whats the odds of finding just a power supply for a custom computer at this market? I am asking because I am carrying my desktop computer on the plane for my move… and I am considering leaving the 588watt power supply at home and sell it, if I can just buy one over there. What do you think?
Also my damn DVD±/RW decided to die yesterday.