WCIF a mattress or topper in Hualian City?

I’ll be moving to Hualian City next month. My new apartment has one of those hard-as-a-rock mattresses. I’m not familiar with Hualian City, so could anyone suggest a department/home store that would carry matresses and foam toppers?

I know there’s a 特力屋 (formerly B&Q) and I’ll be checking there, but I’d appreciate any other suggestions from Hualian residents. Thanks!

A-Mart used to carry a very thick wool stuffed comforter (made by Woolrich), duvets and a mattress pads. You can put the comforter between the mattress and the cover and then make a reasonably cushy bed. This really was nice. I bought an extra blanket for the covers for those really cold nights.

If you’re willing to make a trip to Costco Neihu in Taipei, they sell memory foam toppers. Not Hualian, but all I got.