WCIF a Meadhorn?

Since I broke my and shipping is more expensive than the product, I hope someone can give me advice

Well, have you thought about painting a Solo cup brownish and just extending the make-believe to include that it’s actually a meadhorn?

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This looks like something the Chinese Medicine shop would sell. Though it might be in powdered form…

  • This… is a Meadhorn?
  • Yes
  • And the colour?
  • Natural colouring
  • And the bottom? Shouldn’t it be more pointy?
  • It fell down once or twice
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How bad do you want this?
FWIW, as I’m sure you know, the actual horn (and the actual mead, for that matter) are far less important than the intent.

IF you’re really motivated…
Find a farmer down south who raises cattle (yes, they exist, but it’s kind of a boutique industry)
Get in touch with them and find out about their slaughter practices
Find out how to be in the right place at the right time to score a horn or two
Figure out, with the assistance of the Internet, how you can hollow it out and polish it up to meet your needs


One assumes you’ve a mead source???

It’s not a emergency. For me the Horn is just a part of the blót and sumbel.

I still have some I brought from Germany but I’m planning to make it myself in the future. All you need ist a big bottle, yeast, honey, water and patience…

Let me know if you want to get one, I think I got a discount code

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Pretty sure there is a Polish guy importing mead. He had it as of last year anyway.

Thanks! This Shop comes in handy for Yuletid.

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I’ve gotten stuff from these guys before, and they’re square.
Shipping isn’t too bad and they send through the Post so there’s no fuckin around with Customs and shit.

That’s good to hear. Taiwanese customs are… quite special.

To give myself and possible future searchers an answer: I ended up ordering one from Amazon Germany.

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