WCIF A Monkey costume for a 180cm adult (me)?

I am going to be needing some costumes for performances and potentially video shooting later.
My new part time job demands me to come up with my own character who I will be representing. I will be interested to learn if there are a large variety of costumes for adults in order that I can change my appearance depending on the content.

Any ideas?

I’m sure I know what’s coming… :laughing:

P.S. I searched and learned that there are some shops in and around Hsimending right? Does anyone have a contact number specific area or address?

Just go as you are !! (sorry couldnt resist ) :slight_smile:

Kitty corner from the Red Theater. MRT Exit 2, turn left. Across from famous “frog eggs drink” place.

I can’t help you find a costume but I’m interested in hearing more about this ‘job’… :wink:

For rental or purchase?