WCIF a nice place in Taipei to see the sunrise?

A fellow at the hostel I’m staying at is into photography and asked me for some recommendations. I recommended Elephant Mountain.

Good for sunset but faces the wrong way for sunrise. Best bet is somewhere on the north coast or Yilan. If it has to be greater Taipei, then on the river over on the Sanchong or Luzhou side.

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How about the top of Guanyinshan then? I’ve never been there at sunrise but the view is pretty cool.

Does it have to be in Taipei? I would go to the mountains for that - alishan , Yangmingshan. It’s a great weekend trip.

Anywhere west of Taipei you have a 50% chance of being blocked by Taipei haze. The best place is a military graveyard around 風櫃嘴 in the mountains behind 內湖. Your friend will need a bike and be able to read mandarin to get there if he isn’t familiar with the roads. Easiest way is to take the tunnel in 大直 (dazhi) to the palace museam and turn right then follow the signs.