WCIF a reputable place to get my computer innards cleaned?

It’s time for de-dusting of the insides of my computer. Anyone know anywhere where they won’t steal the stuff inside and put it back together correctly?

All computer repair shops will have an air compressor and most will let you use it for free (at least in Chiayi). You don’t need to remove any parts, except for the side panels.

DIY … buy some of the dust spray cans in a camera store or stationary store (used for air brushing) … cheap and better than bringing your PC to the store …

But not nearly as effective as the air compressors at the computer shops. I find the dust spray cans are not powerful enough. Plus, the air compressors at the shops are free. Free + more effective = win/win situation.

Jesus! Got a brush? Got a vacuum cleaner? Do it yourself fer feck sake!

The dust spray cans at Costco are very powerful. Just unplug, upen the side panel, and blast away. Much quicker and easier than trying to take it to a shop. Plus the noise startles the cats and makes them jump, which is fun.

That’s a great way to damage parts. Do not use a standard electricity powered vacuum inside a desktop case as it can cause a lot of static electricity that can damage the components.

I’m sure uro was referring to an Illudium Q-36 demodulator powered vac – perfectly safe to use on computers.

Can’t you make one of those out of old bicycle tires and rusty cans, DB?

No, I’m out of Illudium.

The idea behind bringing it somewhere for someone to do is because i break electronics. Often and easily. I’m worried I won’t be able to get everything back to where it should be.

I’ll give one of the super uber dusters a whirl, maybe I won’t have to take anything apart.

Thanks kindly!

Don’t be afraid of pulling apart your computer, seriously its not that hard of a skill. Watch a few youtube video’s on it and you will be equally as qualified as the staff at most computer repair shops (:

But yes, get an air/spray can.