WCIF A screw in Nanshijiao..?

I have walked for miles today trying to find a hardware shop that sells nuts and bolts, etc., without success. Anyone know where I can find one…?

Any of the spots on this map should have what you’re looking for: maps.google.com/maps?q=%E4%BA%9 … 87%91&z=16

Pretty much any dongxi shop (you know, those shops that sell pretty much everything) should have a limited supply too.

This is a perfect opportunity to practice Chinese!

Look up ‘hardware store’ in the dictionary (五金店 wu3 jin1 dian4). Go outside, put on a helpless face, then ask any passerby who doesn’t look too busy Qing3 wen4, wu3 jin1 dian4 zai4 na3 li3? “Excuse me, where is the hardware store?” Even with limited Chinese you can usually figure out their response if body language is included. If they can’t/don’t want to help you, or you don’t understand their response, just ask another person. Even if you do understand what they say, while you’re walking to the store ask another person! The next person has no idea that you already asked someone else. You’ll get listening practice and increase your confidence in speaking the language. Repetition is key to getting the language to stick.

Anyway, I hope you found what you were looking for.

Nudge, nudge! Wink, wink!

Yeah, ya might want to change the thread title to: “Where’s a hardware store in Nanshijiao where I can buy screws?”

Either that or check out the local KTVs! :wink: