WCIF a shop to have a new hole punched in my belt

As it seems I have lost weight since I arrived Taiwan, does anybody know where I can have an extra hole punched into my belt ?

I used to do it with a nail and hammer… it looks pretty bad, but when you are wearing it no one could tell anyway…

Go to any market / night market, look for the guy selling belts and ask him to do it.

hansioux: I used to do it that way :laughing: but since this belt is an expensive one, I will leave my tools behind to have something neat.

cfimages: Thanks for the tip !

I bought the device to do this from a 10NT store. However it cost about 100NT. I did it myself and measured precisely the distance. I wouldn’t trust someone in a night market myself.

I can do that for you; I have a leather belt punch (used to do a fair bit of leatherwork). Or you can use the punch at my place in Donghu, eastern Neihu. It’s the rotary style, and makes neat round holes of different sizes. Just drop me a PM.