Wcif a small blender or paderno blade?


My stuff has been breaking lately!
My paderno blender broke yesterday which is really too bad since i use it so often and it Seems like replacement parts are not found in taiwan.

I wonder can you recommend a small blender similar to the magic bullet/ paderno? I hope to find one that is reliable and has good value for money. The magic bullet is so expensive in taiwan (as compared to the states). And of course getting a paderno replacement blade would be even better if i could find one!
Im in kiaosiung.

Thanks in advance!


Well, one option is to order on Amazon (have it shipped to a relative back home to forward to you if Amazon won’t ship directly) or another online store in the US; check the manufacturer’s website to see if they ship replacements.

Here, a stick blender for about $2-3k NT (I like the Cuisinart, and would avoid the Electrolux at Costco) is about as cheap as you get. Costco has some blender sets sometimes for around $5k I think. I haven’t looked lately.


I think I got my Magic Bullet set for 2500 or so on TV. Dunno how that compares to the States.

Yep, a stick blender is about 1200 to 3000 k depending on the brand.

Electrolux service sucks. But Costco is the bee’s knees for buying appliances with guarantee.


Well, what concerned me about the Electrolux models they had at Costco a while back was just how damned CHEAP they felt (buttons and all). They seemed guaranteed to break upon arrival at home. The Cuisinarts seemed better, and ours has lasted, despite heavy use. The prices were not very different, either. It parallels our experience with better-made Dr. Goods ovens (Taiwan company controlling quality, made in China) vs. Kaiser (made in China, flimsy to the touch even when new, in Costco). I’d rather pay a couple hundred NT more for something that feels more solidly built, personally.


I think i might have to do that. Thank fully my brother in law will visit from the states and so i hope he can bring a replacement part. I just feel like things are more expensive in taiwan than in the states. I wonder if it is because i look for familiar brands? Or im looking in the wrong places. I also wished my things would stop breaking at the same time! (Within this month my washer, stroller, 2 pairs of shoes, and blender broke)